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Fixing 30 GB Zune Freeze On 31 December 2008

If you own a 2006 model 30 GB Zune you must have encountered the Zune freeze because of the Y2K9 bug, the bug is quite wide-spread and users are reporting there Zune devices locked-up becoming unusable.


Here is a simple trick to bring you Zune device back to life, just follow the simple steps to get this done.

  1. Disconnect the device from USB and power source.
  2. The player should be in frozen state so battery is draining out, let it drain battery until its fully exhausted, your Zune screen should go blank now.
  3. Wait until after-noon January 1, 2009 GMT.
  4. Connect Zune to USB or to AC power source let it charge.
  5. Once the battery is charged, the device will start and work normally.


I love the poster, it made me laugh.

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