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PicLight – Perfect App for Creating Effected Photos on Mac

PicLight for Mac by PearlMountain Technology is a quick and easy photo-enhancing app for photographers of all skill levels. You can make an awesome and unique looking picture by playing around with more than 170 lighting effects and 25+ stylish image filters.

The interface itself is pretty elegant and straightforward. You’ll have a clear understanding about the app with all the buttons telling you what you are going to do with. Once you open the app, you are allowed to add a favorite photo by dragging and dropping. Alternatively, you are free to upload your photo with the Load/Import Photo button. Anyhow, choose the way you like.

Piclight For Mac

Along with 170+ lighting effects separated in four categories - Montage, Light, Glow and Texture - you can layer effects for virtually limitless possibilities. Just re-click the chosen effect to cancel the result.

Blending modes such as Screen, Overlay, Color Dodge and Lighter can be found in PicLight, which give users a wide choice to change the effects of layers. Meanwhile, Alpha can be easily fine-tuned to change the opacity of the lighting effects. If needed, flip the lighting effects to the best angle.

If the lighting effects aren’t enough for a photo, go to more photo effects and filters on the right panel. There you can preview the photo result with the thumbnails. The 20 more photo effects and filters include B&W, Sepia, Dense and Vintage, etc.

There is a Quick Fix inspector on the right side of the app. You are able to crop the image to fit the chosen aspect ratio. Besides some preset common aspect ratios, you have option to customize the ratio yourself. You are free to rotate and flip your photo. Moreover, Saturation, Hue, Exposure, Contrast and some other editing features can be easily accessed in PicLight.

For some other features like the Compare functionality also attracts me. PicLight allows users to compare the original photo with the effected photo in one window with the prompt “Original” and “After”.

Once you have finally done your work, you can share your stunning picture on Facebook, Flickr or through email. PicLight also enables you to send the photo directly to iPhoto. It supports other export option to save the photo as image formats like JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG and GIF. You can just save it as desktop wallpaper.

PicLight is specially designed to be easy to use for all photography enthusiasts and gives you a fun way to play with your photos. It lets you share your unique effected photos with your family and friends easily.

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This will serve as a excellent replacement for iPhoto (which I currently use to edit) :D

Perfect!App Thanks!

Like to take a lot of photos on our trips. Like them to be perfect when showing them to other people. Would love to use your software to do this. Would share my results with other people about your software.

A perfect chance for me to get an perfect app for Creating Effected Photos on Mac,especialy from my childhood.TIA.

This would be very helpful for my photograph, since I do not have Adobe Photoshop.

With this software on my Mac, my photos will be more lively especially wedding photos with these filters! So therefore, I can say No More Editing In Photoshop!

Really amazing post. I think PicLight helped me for nice and beautiful photo.

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