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This Printer Needs No Ink Or Toner, Makes Use Of Special Re-printable Paper

We all know how costly is printer ink but Japanese company PrePeat is all set to change that with their innovative ink/toner less rewritable printer-paper combination, the special re-printable paper is made of PET plastic and can be used 1000 times, for more see the video demo.


this is awesome.... The idea is briliant but it wont fly here in america....were one nation that likes to waste and spend on things that can be wasted...sure we recycle what we can..but alot of it goes to waste....

beside..we wont see that kind of printer in U.S. for another 20 years, and if we do... it will be without a HEFFTY price on printer and paper..

I do like the no ink/toner usage...its usually messy when you have to fix a printer..this alows a whole new technic to fixing printers.

500,000 yen = $5,589 USD for the printer.
300 yen = $3.35 USD per paper sheet.

Ouch. :(

This is really expensive.. Im pretty sure the production cost is a lot cheaper. I would give a maximum of 370 usd for that. Even if it is intended for business usage the printing speed is too slow for the business.

So if they wanna help both people and the world they will have to lower their prices..
And of course in order to sell some more products and earn some $$$$

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