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Install0us - Pirated iPhone App Repository And Installer Is Shutting Down

Install0usInstall0us is one of the most easiest and popular way to get pirated iPhone applications and games but not anymore as the developer of Install0us will be shutting down the application and repository facing legal threats, according to the Install0us developer puy0 he was under the wrong impression that since Install0us was offering same services as other installer apps : browse / download / install, without providing any links to cracked materials he had something legal and legitimate to offer but after having a conversation with a copyright lawyer recently he is now convinced that it is indeed illegal to share someone's hard-work this way and he might end-up facing a legal trial for this - so Install0us has started to shutdown it's doors as servers got offline one after another.

Install0us Repository

End of Install0us is not the end of pirated iPhone applications as there will be something new as an alternative, but surely something iPhone developers can rejoice for now as someone stealing there hard earned work has decided to stop doing that.


Installous 2.5.1 is alive ;)


thanx a lot

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