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ilivid Player - Watch Videos While They Download From Rapidshare, Hotfile And Megaupload

One of the biggest limitation with videos hosted on one-click file-sharing websites like Rapidshare, Megaupload and Hotfile has been that you are not able to watch the video until all volumes of a split-archive gets downloaded, but we now have a solution to this in form of free Windows utility ilivid player which allows users to watch the video while it’s downloading to their computer.

ilivid Player

ilivid Player knows it's job well and works with all types of rar archives including multi-volume files with password protection, the utility fully supports Rapidshare (Free and Premium), Megaupload and Hotfile services and also comes with an optional toolbar which automatically grabs all video links from a web-page, starting playing the video just seconds after download of the very first link begins.

ilivid Player Link Grabber

ilivid Player can be great for previewing videos files before downloading the whole-set, the only thing which I did not liked about it was that the utility changed my Firefox and Internet Explorer homepage without asking first - this is bad, However,I checked the file with VirusTotal and it came out clean.

ilivid Player Direct Download Links :


this will be useful, thanks for sharing.

This is a good way to not waiste the time in downloading a bad copy of a video or one that do not much the given title.

Great software.Useful post, as always. Keep it up :)

great thanks

Great software.Useful post, as always. Keep it up :)

You could do the same manually by extracting the first part, and watch that partial file on any media player.

when running custom installation you can disable the homepage...

Great software. But, I can see the video print while downloading. I have BITCOMET & i can also watch video on that too while downloading. If it is better than then please tell me. But as always great job & keep it up.

You can still watch without downloading any software except winrar. While extracting tick "keep broken files", this will save your time.

this is cool man good work done

Great software, thank you

It kinda sucks that you're forced to use VLC. Try RapidTV, it does the same job but has HDNow technology, link clustering, password cracker and supports every media player.

Useful Software. Thanks

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