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Rapidshare.Com Under Massive Hack Attempt

World's biggest one click file-hoster Rapidshare seems to be under a massive hacking attempt, anybody trying to access the service is shown the following error message:

Rapidshare Hacks

Users from all over the world are reporting blocking of various IP ranges, and shown the standard message as below with different IP ranges.

Massive RapidShare hack attempts detected. IP block XX.XX.0.0 - XX.XX.255.255 blocked. Please call your internet provider.

Since the site itself is not available users will need to wait until more information comes in and the situation is clarified.


Rapidshare is still down, any updates ??

egypt also blocked

Rapidshare is still not accessible ??

so wassup buddz , any1 got a solution ?? cuz i needa download very important files !!

I just try to connect to rapidshare using the tel line and it works with me from Egypt

site now work properly

solution :
1. try to update the anti virus program to the most recent data...
2. u can using change IP program such as hide IP which change your proxy randomize which automatically change your region and country which make your IP belong to new IPs range....

thank you

Rapidshare is working again.

No need for the above hack.

This Is A Bunch Of Shit We Pay For There Services & Now I Cant Even Use It!!!!!! Rapidshare FAILS....

WHOA?I WAS ON RAPIDSHARE & I SAW NOTHING @ ALL!this is not for all countries server as far as i concerned.

Today August 1 20:58 Rapidshare was hacked,
Massive RapidShare hack attempts detected. IP blocked. Please call your internet provider.

I can access Rapidshare from India, seems they have narrowed down block to kerala IP range in India.

maine kaha maa kii aankh this rapidshare has stopped working it was working fine till yesterday seems like my blooddy life line has stopped got ****ing addicted to it

fuck rapidshare

I was using the free part of rapidshare,
know nothing about hack.

but I also getting the same message.

It does not matter whether you are a free rapidshare users or Premium, they are blocking IP's from where the hack attempt is getting carried out.

on aug 1st till 8 am i hav downloaded from rapid share but now i m still unable to download ( 03 aug)

Any update abt when it will start

use ..tor

shit hackers. i have the same problem too. anyone know when this problem ends.

Just Go to this site and paste the link of

click options and uncheck remove scripts

and you will download any file

works for any country

Fuck...ISP's BSNL Assholes have blocked IP's for no reason.....fucking customer service...fucking slow connections...while all the world are crusing on high speed connection's Indian Goovernment is in shit hole...they are messing up our life...can't even use free services also.....Rapidshre was a treasure for me...Now due to IP's blocked I cAN'T even sleep properly....guys be ready to protest against ISP's otherwise they will block Google also...mark my words it will happen soon...............!!!!!!

I am sorry to say but dont talk shit without knowing, Rapidshare is blocking the IP's not BSNL or Indian Government, do you homework before posting such offensive comments.

Yeah Dude....I have done my homework......Don't feel to be a patriot...u r nothing in front of me when it comes to patriotism...Rapidshare does not only block my IP, when my friend who is next to my house can use it because his IP is out of the range......You try to call them...I lodged a complaint against the BSNL...guess what in 1 Hour..rapidshare comes back online......Rapidshare does not block only mine and your IP among millions in the world...use common sense buddy...they have better work to do....!!!!!!!

don't flame so much.. and when you say "They will block google also" you're only making yourself look very stupid :) [No offense xP]

Here is a solution to unblock i have tested it and its working fine. Please read the post if you have any queries
[SPAM EDITED] Here is a solution to unblock i have tested it and its working fine. Please read the post if you have any queries
[SPAM EDITED] doesnt work.. it just goes to the download page and stops..
is there any other solution??

ha ha ha can't stop laughing lolzzzz haha

hey ppl see the ip range , this series is nutral , and it cannot be used like , the second thing is see the tab he / she opened * ha ha * where the m comes from in rapidshare !!

take a look at it pplz ha ha

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