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Free Download Ocr

Best Free Online Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services

Free OCR ServiceThere are two well-known OCR software available for free namely - SimpleOCR and JOCR but both utilities require user to download and use them from desktop, however there is a better way to get images/documents converted in editable formats using free web-based OCR services, these free services allows users to upload documents in various formats and download editable version in format of their choice.

Free Online OCR Service

I tested some of these free online OCR services and here is a list of best ones which will get the job done easily and accurately.

SimpleOCR - Free OCR Software For Windows

SimpleOCR is a free OCR software for windows for easy conversion of non-editable text on scanned images from various sources into editable text, SimpleOCR is able to accurately read and convert documents and files in standard fonts into editable electronic formats.

Free OCR Software For Windows

SimpleOCR recognition is 99% accurate, there is no better OCR application for the price. This increased accuracy greatly reduces the need for post-recognition proof reading and correction.

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