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Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

Windows 8 Release Preview Now Available For Download

Almost three months after the "Windows 8 Consumer Preview" public download milestone, Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview is now available officially for download. Windows 8 Release Preview is a pre-release testing version of Microsoft's upcoming major OS upgrade "Windows 8", the new OS is designed ground-up in terms of interface and focuses on people and apps providing them powerful new ways to use social technologies and to connect with people.

Windows 8 Release Preview

Don't forget to checkout the official release introduction video below.

Direct Official Download Links For Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO images

Microsoft has finally unveiled public download links to the much awaited Windows 8 Consumer Preview build. Now available both as automated web-installer and full ISO disc images in various languages with accompanying genuine Windows 8 activation serial product keys, the direct download links and introduction video are posted after the jump.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 wants to do more with less

The Windows 8 team is working to do something rare in operating system development, maintain the same system requirements as the prior generation. In this case the Windows 8 group is designing the next version of Windows to operate on the same hardware as Windows 7, which itself was less demanding than the real requirements of Windows Vista. In other words, the user should be able to adequately run Windows 8 with a 1 gigahertz processor and 1 gigabyte of RAM for a 32-bit version and 2 gigabytes for the 64-bit version.

The reason for this change of engineering attitude is the proliferation of mobile devices; laptops and tablets. Also, from a corporate standpoint if you are running fleets of computers running for the most part twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week even marginal savings per machine can add up across the enterprise. Microsoft Program manager Bill Karagoumis indicates in a blog posting that managing memory is the key to the team’s efforts.

Reducing the memory footprint is not usually the first thing that comes to mind as a way to reduce energy costs, particularly when you are expanding the feature set of the operating system. The Windows 8 team is doing this in a variety of ways. One, is change Windows services from an “always on” to a start on demand or even a manual startup. Like not leaving ones car idling while parked saves on petrol, these changes to how the operating system services are invoked saves on the amount of system memory is in use at any given time. This leaves more memory available for multitasking and other operations.

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Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

A second technique is what is described as memory combining, the consolidation of duplicate memory blocks into a single copy. Duplication of data occurs when a program anticipates that certain data will be required and that data is initialized and allocated. Even if the data is never actually used, it remains cluttering up memory like several copies of the same book on a bookshelf. Memory combining by the Windows 8 operating system can free anywhere from tens to hundreds of megabytes of RAM according to Mr. Karagoumis.

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