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Photo Effects Online

FXmypics - Simple and professional quality effects for images, Exclusive BETA invites for our blog readers...

FXmypics is a brand new free web service that provides a simple way to apply many interesting and professional quality photo effects and filters to your images.

There are over 140 effects categorized in 10 groups: photo enhancements, black and white, HDR, lomo, color, retro and vintage, grunge, artistic, frames, special (this last contains 40 "extra" effects accessible only with a Paypal donation). Users can see them live in action at FX Library page (

What makes FXmypics different from other similar services is that the effects are not applied in realtime but are manually worked upon by FXmypics team for the best professional quality output.

FX Image Exffects

PicFull - New Free Web App For Easy And Fast Real-time Image Filters

Want to spice up any of your digital photos? Enter, a freshly launched website where you can filter and change your photos with different filters in real-time, completely online. There are basically just two steps to transform your images, so the process is being kept as simple as need be.

First, pick a photo to work with from your computer’s library. Now, choose one of the many filters to edit your photos with. Currently there are 18 filters to choose from. Each filter has its an individual set of properties that you can change in real-time, to make getting a nice as simple a possible. When you have finished editing your photo, the effect can be applied Now, if you think 18 filters its not enough, you can just apply another one on top of the previous filter’s output. This stacking of filters allows for endless variations.

If you’re happy with the end result, you can share your photo with friends and family on FaceBook, Twitter or e-mail. Of course you can also just download your photo and use it as a desktop background for example.

Online Image Editor
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