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[Free Giveaway] New CyberGhost 6.0 VPN for Windows

Right from the get-go, you will be invited to choose the CyberGhost service you wish to unblock. Whether you simply want to surf anonymously, unblock streaming services, protect your Internet connection (WiFi or network), torrent anonymously, unblock basic websites or choose your own VPN service, you can do so, with the simple click of a button.

And the good news is, that we have got 10 CyberGhost Premium Plus activation keys, each valid for "One year and 5 devices" (costing $69.99 each) for EXCLUSIVE free giveaway to our blog readers - read on how to participate.

Cyberghost VPN Free Download

Here’s what our new app looks like: Surf Anonymously
This profile activates all protection components and starts your preferred browser in incognito mode. You are invited to manually add extra features as well, but a default selection has already been made in our new Windows VPN app, so that you can fully enjoy the perks of the free Internet without worrying too much about technicalities.

Unblock Streaming
Whether you are on vacation, on a business trip or simply wish to unlock content that is blocked in your country, this CyberGhost service will surely do the trick. You can now watch your favorite TV series or listen to the music that you love, regardless of local restrictions. Simply select the streaming channel you wish to unlock (some examples are YouTube, Netflix and ESPN) or even add your own to the list. It’s really that easy!

VPN Stream Unblocking

Network / WiFi Protection
Hacking WiFi networks is literally child’s play, since a 7-year old recently did this in less than 11 minutes and our professional security specialist hacked a Hotel’s WiFi network in 1 minute. With CyberGhost, protecting yourself from the dangers of unencrypted WiFi hotspots is even easier. Simply opt for this profile and you will be sure that your personal data is not recorded or intercepted. We will connect you to the nearest VPN server, as soon as your device enters an unencrypted hotspot.

Annoynoums WiFi Surfing

Torrent Anonymously
The dangers of torrenting are widely known. No matter how careful you are, there’s always the risk of downloading a bit more than what you had bargained for. CyberGhost takes your anonymity very seriously and, with the simple selection of this profile, you can rest assured that your online actions are not being tracked. Schedule your favorite torrent programs to start together with our new Windows VPN app and download anonymously. But never disregard the torrenting laws of a country.

Annoymoumus Torrent Using VPN

Unblock basic websites
Take matters into your own hands and connect to a VPN server located in a non-restricted country, that will give you free access to platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Bypass Internet Censorship

Choose my VPN server
More advanced users will love this profile from our freshly released Windows VPN app. This allows you to customize your connection by choosing a country or server manually, from a wide palette of options: most users, fewest users, fastest, NoSpy servers and servers optimized for gaming or torrents.

To participate in the free Cyberghost VPN for Windows giveaway, all you need to do is to comment below how do you plan to use the VPN service in detail. Best 10 entries will get one CyberGhost Premium Plus activation key valid for "One year and 5 devices" for free, do not forget to add a valid email address in the provided input-form when commenting so we can send the winners the instructions and activation keys.


The giveaway is now completed and the winners are as listed below, I had emailed all of them if you are on the list and have not received an email do contact me here -


I need Cyberghost to unlock some nice videos,surfing anonymous and protect from hackers around the world watching live tv streams

I want to participate in the giveaway.
I would like to try the extra speed on the torrents feature and also to access video streaming from other countries on Netflix.

I live in a place where getting a broadband connection is extremely difficult. My landlord has provided an internet connection but also has placed some protocols that don't allow me to access to basic websites like Facebook, YouTube and Reddit. Only way out is to use a VPN service. Most free VPN services are unreliable and the connection doesn't establish or breaks often. Getting access to a great VPN service would be very helpful for getting me freedom to use internet.

I would use cyberghost for my bank transiction whenever i am assessing Internet from public wifi or workplace wifi
I would love to use cyberghost while i am in my workplace to unblock basic sites that are useful for productivity

I will use it to watch content which is not available in my country, to bypass some Google Play restrictions, to bypass Youtube restrictions.. There really is a huge number of uses. :)

I need to visit torrent sites for download movies and softwares. But the government blocked these websites. So i think this Cyberghost VPN is the best vpn for anonymously visit some websites. :)

would hope to win to surf and torrent
you can never be too carefull.
Thank you

I wear a vpn to open access on the block such as reddit
for streaming netfix or channel abroad, might occasionally want to give it a try
free free Internet network protection with encryption is that I search for it
I also want to feel the premium vpn service like what
well it might be a bit of fun

I do not like to be tracked and monitored as I am a free bird. To keep me free and invisible like a ghost on-demand, I would need the cyberghost vpn!

First of all I want to improve the protection of my WiFi connection, and thus protect my personal data, I also like the idea of using the navigate protection to prevent my network activity can be tracked without consent.

I want to be able to access blocked content in my region and also enjoy my favorite series through content providers available.

I like the idea of playing online using optimized VPN servers and Use torrents anonymously using CyberGhost profile.

In conclussion CyberGhost is a must have service.

My primary interest is to protect myself while surfing the web.

The way I would use cyberGhost is to download my favorite series anonymously as well as been able to surf the net safer while having my morning cup of coffee at my morning cafe

Would use it to keep my true IP whilst gaming hidden during multiplayer sessions might stop the DDOS attacks i get. Also i wear a Tinfoil Hat so this will also be included.


I'm living in Iran. Everything banned in here. We can't use VPN, Web Proxies, etc. The only VPN program which currently works is CyberGhost. Sadly we can't have credit card too because of US sanctions. That's why i really need this.

Please give me CyberGhost Premium Plus activation key
Thank you

i love to torrent so i wish to stay unknown to as many as posible states agencies !

First of all I will get use torrent anonymously. That's all tbh!

I want to use CyberGhost to browse the internet and make inquiries with the security if anonymity. With Cyberghost I can feel secure that my searches wont be applied to funneling techniques used by anonymous advertisers, send and receive personal professional and medical files, and choose the news I want to informed about. Without CyberGhost VPN you loose all privacy starting right with your own ISP and whatever they wish to do with your identity.

The WiFi-i use broadcast out to the Street and i see college age moocher's SLAM on the brakes when their
SmartPhone beeps an alarm that their's a WiFi nearby....

I have a Hugh Picture Window you can See out but not see in and their unaware i can see them hold their Cell Phone
in one hand and Move it in ALL Directions to see where the best signal is!

I will endeavour to use Cyber Ghost to make myself safe when surfing the Internet, blocking malicious websites, protect my Wi-Fi connection, torrent anonymously and unblock streaming and I guess surfing anonymously will be handy too.

a VPN is competely needed. It secures your computer's internet connection to guarantee that all of the data you're sending and receiving is encrypted and secured from prying eyes. everyone should use it.

Im a student and worker i will use it to protect my self.

some times im also a downloader so i need it.

and i live in a enviroment that is constantly monitored. so. completely needed!

With everything, browsing, my netflix, when I'm out on tablet. Security & privacy is essential.

i going to connect more than 100+ sites throughout my country in Georgia. i need this app for work from home in another country. watch some videos on NETFLIX casue right now i haven't access to do this

Since my college have a wrecked proxy rules, I cannot able to stream anysite rather than our in house college web site and educationals pages, I can't even do online transaction, browse Netflix and can't even tweet. With this I can unblock everything, plus can create a secured Hotspot so that we can send and receive files and even help with gaming, and finally torrent shhh.., why not?

It's about Virtual Private Network to protect my Very Private Needs for my family security. That's the way I 'll use New CyberGhost 6.0 VPN!
Best Wishes to all of you my friends and good luck to the competition!

I plan to use the VPN client to bypass site restrictions my company imposes on tech sites that should be open. Such as The restrictions make it very difficult to do my job as a tech effectively. This would aid in that.

I plan to use the VPN client to bypass site restrictions my company imposes on tech sites that should be open. Such as MegaLeecher. The restrictions make it very difficult to do my job as a tech effectively. This would aid in that.

I plan to use cybergost to unblock streams that I can't see in my country and also to download anonimously torrents.

Like to watch movies on Netflix, special in SUA and also to grab some torrents. This one will be very useful for me. Hope will be with luck :)

I plan to use this fantastic VPN in many ways including everyday browsing to other ways like everyday streaming from certain sites like Netflix and some torrent sites just for browsing.A great piece of software to have. Thks

I Use for only for secure my identity
its my plasure if i win CyberGhost Premium Plus
megaleecher is best blog...i seen ever........

I will use it to protect my privacy on PC, wifi for phone and unlock site if needed

Cyberghost VPN service is very usefull regarding my many trip in different countries liaised with my job in freight Forwarding (FFW) in a Group in Africa.
My different sites concerned for software tests, videos and music permit a complete protection for private Network conditions.

To keep things legal i will just tell you that i will use it to the max of its abilities: I am currently beta testing Avira Ghost Pro and the software crashed and leaves you with a fatal error totally open to our "waiting friends". Internet..which use to be a fun and very radical place to be on in the early years has to be taken back from our "leading friendlies" i am involved in computers for 34 years now i want it i can have my fun again... and my terrabytes filled. I hope to qualify and love the idea of regaining my freedom, like it is suppose to be, with your i can have funnnn again..and good. !
Already thank you for your taken time and many thanks for contacting me and letting me know that there was a contest like this to participate in. Everybody the best of luck and lets regain ...maybe together with products like this our own privacy and more....lots of beautyfull wimen all over this globe and lots of censureship keeping that away...lets install soon and multiply haha. I will put my own website up soon. For the rest i which everybody a great day/time computing her/his way. In any way.

With friendly regards...

ecsjjgg's picture

I would use it to access Netflix, and also use it for torrenting...

I would also be intrerested in the other feautures of this program, such as the malicious website blocking, and also the network/wi-fi protection....

Please, I need one, I like to watch movies and TV series, Please

plan to use the VPN service in detail
-Access ALL websites & apps from any location
-Secure, anonymous & encrypted browsing
-VPN allows working from home to connect to a private network over the Internet
-stay anonymous on the Internet

Really would like to have this awesome software for all online activity from shopping to surfing the web.

if i get the chance to win... 1st i am going to use for my netflix and other block stuff in my country Germany.. so i can watch they way it mean to be for all of us.
2nd i am a gamer too i got so many games for pc that required vpn to play and there are many more i like to play but right now cannot afford to pay some pre-vpn ..

Becouse of the government is spying on us is why we should use Cyberghost. To keep torrenting alive anonymous

Looks promising. Would surely like to explore further whether all this is as simple and as easy & convenient as being projected.

i would use this to access various services all over the Internet, which are not avaliable in my country or sometimes it gets ban. This is where VPN can come into picture and can help me out.

Given the social activism led surfeit of blocking various sites...This is a manna from heaven !

I would like to have this VPN because my place is protected with cyberoam security and currently i use free openvpn service. Being a gamer i am currenlt not able to get full speed connection. with cyberghost i know i can do that easily.
I have used cyberghost some years back its was woth it.

i would like to be apart of this so i can steam tv shows online and also be able to share torrents without being monitored as they seem to have a stick up there !@# about it and i am not sure what the issue is to be able to share old games u cant find anywhere else that seems like a good thing to me
thank you for reading this and your time

How do I plan to use VPN services for and how often am I likely to use it to connect to the Internet?
My important reason for needing a VPN is to unblock restricted or geo-blocked sites. Because i use the Internet a lot, i need privacy and security when i do, so i also prefer one of the VPNs with no data limits.
Connection speeds is also important for me .Slower connection speeds will be boring and terrible for watching any video streaming video content, or music. So when i want to watch blocked shows, for example, i have to use a not limited speed VPN.
I use the Internet a lot, every day, then i'll likely need a VPN that is super fast and also has no data caps. By using a combination of these services, i may well be able to find a way to get everything i want to do online and done in a secure way. So i choose CYBERGHOST one of the most complete secured VPN.

I am a professional who lives in the UAE and travels around the Middle East and china. Countries with strict access to information. I would like to use the VPN for Google maps, Waze to move around China and middle east. Use whatsapp, Viber to able to talk with the free world and to be able have access and read free press from free press countries. Thank you PS I wonder if I need a VPN for stream line TV

VPN for Torrent

this ghost is for for my personal security and joy free surfing

I plan to use the VPN for security purposes to safeguard my privacy while surfing the internet and also to access geo restricted website to watch my favorite shows from other countries.

I plan to use the VPN to safeguard my privacy while surfing the internet and also access to geo restricted websites so I can watch my favorite shows from other countries.

I want this VPN for protecting my privacy and stop spying of our personal information by goverment entities and other abusive people on the whole world. We have rights. we are people with dreams of a real freedom of Internet.

for testing websites in different countries, testing scripts and of course for watching netflix and hulu services :)

Here is my plan to use the CyberGhost VPN Service in detail
1.) Accessing all websites in the WWW from any location without any restrictions
2.) Secure and anonymously browsing
3.) Protecting my Internet connection (WiFi or network)
4.) downloads and torrents anonymously
5.) Connecting to a private network over the Internet
Thanks for this great giveaway. Hope luck is on my side. :)

I use free version since a long time
but I"d like to test the full one
I've heard about & I know it's very strong

I had compared v/s hideipvpn ibvpn zenmate windscribe
but cyberghost became the best
it's easy to use reliable fast clean...

cyberghost had changed the gui recently
even easier

I just want to surf anonymously
avoid viruses & pirats
still feeling secure

I download torrents sometime
and we have here hadopi

I want to post private messages about politics
on facebook or anyxhere else

great regards

my plan to use CyberGhost VPN to protect my data from spying
i am from Egypt ISP providers very very bad slow connection spying
and slow to connection to social apps on mobile apps
i hope to get it

5 devices? wow this will keep my whole set of devices (PC, laptop iphone ipod, appletv) safe from the outsider :D
1. First thing for sure is Netflix.... I really hate that Geo-restrictions... why do I have to pay a same price as elsewhere to access limited content?
2. Then to access my Home network content and PC securely when I'm away
3. Access to the internet the way it meant to be ... I mean blocked websites in my country, I hate it as I feel like I have no freedom and I'm being controlled :(
and last but not least... is to protect data & devices from hackers around my house (I know how easy it is to sniff and steal data over Wifi) and then protect me from the Internet provider... which is of course under surveillance by the government :(

Netflix, Netflix, Netflix. Blocked, blocked, blocked. I need a VPN to be able to stream both Netflix and MLB games that are blacked out. Worst part is the baseball games are blocked out for home games for a team that is 1000 miles away from where I live. What is the logic in that? Pay for the ability to see your team play but not if they play a team which is 200 miles away from you playing 1000 miles away. Really?


VPN Cyber Gost, is perfect one. would realy like to try this service. looks very smart and useful. have good rieviews as well
wish you all the best

I will use it to enjoy the freedom of the internet before is gone.

love Cyber Ghost to set up a VPN for true private browsing. Stay safe, secure and anonymous online with a great VPN service.
most of all they are not US based company as i would never choose the VPN company from the USA. thats my X-factor. If Snowden says that Cyber Ghost is superb..thas something i will count as big + :)

in my country netflix got block, so i need VPN for unblock NETFLIX, browsing Anonymously, and encrypted Transmission data (secure communication).

i want the VPN service mostly to use services like Netflix streaming or Spotify out of the supported regions. Also it will enable me to anonymously browse websites and reduce the threats of getting hacked anytime.

I just want to have experience not only surfing, but also security on internet.

Information is much important than someone thought. Therefore, the product is my needs to invisible in digital life.

I would like to win this Giveaway because of Data Privacy & Security!

I would like to Unblock Geographically Restricted Websites like Spotify etc.
Also, my public IP is the IP of the entire ISP & Cloudflare has blacklisted that public IP so I get a lot of Captchas when I visit any website. Furthermore, some websites are not even rendered correctly! Thanks!

Privacy for what is the reason of creation of VPN, because Privacy is very important for me i don't want leak of my data like username & password of any kind like online banking, shopping, purchasing games, movies, and CG is best VPN as i think because of strong DNS leak protection, some open their wifi only to trap people and i don't be one from them.

I need Cyberghost to unlock some nice videos,surfing anonymous and protect from hackers around the world watching live tv streams etc just to be safe online while doing the things i just enjoy doing with out the worry of being watched online behind closed doors

CyberGhost the best vpn services ever

Simply love Cyberghost VPN. I have used for a trial period and it works great.

To simply describe it,
Excellent privacy and security, no logging of any user data or personally identifiable data of any kind.

It would be really a pleasure to have it under my belt and use it regularly.

I want to use cyberghost to connecto to services not available in the country where I normally stay I tried other vpn but they are so slow and I want to see if cyberghost is really faster than all the other shit vpn

to surf anonymously

I want to use the vpn for the security it has I do a lot of surfing websites and it would be a lot better with the protection the vpn would give me.

Tks, giveaway.

Like to watch movies on Netflix, special in SUA and also to grab some torrents. This one will be very useful for me. Hope will be with luck :)

I would love the opportunity to use all six features. And protect my online browsing and increase my internet speed.

As the name describes about the software "Cyberghost".
Want to explore Internet as its the biggest dictionary.
Offcourse its free giveaway which is the priority!
Would also like to take it to each and every Internet user to unblock the limitation.

Yippee, I got selected for the giveaway, and received the key right now.
Thank you team megaleecher, for this and the rest of tips and tricks I have learned here.
BTW can't wait to use cyber ghost right now

Thank you for the key, Megaleecher and CyberGhost are the best!!!

Thank you for the winning of this contest....and good luck with your product and I am very happy to have won the contest....stay safe and happy surfing...I certainly will....Have a great day everybody...

With friendly regards,


first of all, thanks to megaleecher who gave the information key giveaway cybergost

the second, thanks to the cg, already give cyberghost vpn keygen for free

Surf freely, without being in the monitoring, access blocks without block again and also security in surfing in cyberspace is a major convenience internet users like me
Thank you very much


Thanks so much!!! I've received the key. I feel so happy right now.

I am in Ethiopia. There is problem of internet. I want you to give me free WiFi internet passowrd for using free internet WIFI.
Thanks, RAjeevan.

Much helpful for window users

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