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Wifi Effects On Health

WiFi And Cellular Radiation Is Killing Plants, Finds School Experiment

In an earlier blog post ([Investigative Video] Health Risks Of WiFi Radiation Are Real) we tried to get an answer for the question - Is WiFi Radiation Safe?, and the conclusion was NO. The same has now being proved by an experiment done by high school students in Denmark, while not exactly an "controlled experiment done under professional lab environment" the students took full-safeguards to make sure both environments are same with only one difference of exposure to radiation.

This all started when five ninth-grade girls started noticing that they are having trouble concentrating after sleeping with their mobile phones at their bedsides, and later decided to do an experiment at school. The girls took 12 trays and filled same amount of garden cress seeds into them, six trays were placed inside a room with Wi-Fi routers that emitted roughly the same microwave radiation as a mobile-phone, and other six trays inside a separate room without WiFi radiation. The girls carefully controlled both environments for temperature, sunlight and water and the results after 12 days were nothing short of "shocking" - the radiation-free room seeds developed into bushy greenery, while the seeds next to the Wi-Fi routers were shriveled, brown and even mutated as shown below.

Wifi is not safe

[Investigative Video] Health Risks Of WiFi Radiation Are Real....

WiFi has been considered and promoted as being "a safe form of radiation" when under limits, however combine the overall exposure from multiple neighboring WiFi hotspots and you might have an over-limit exposure. There are numerous cases of "radiation sensitive" users complaining about health symptoms associated with WiFi usage which go away as soon as they get away from it. Common problems reported are feeling tired, Unable to concentrate, Negative thinking, depressive thoughts, less sleep etc.

Do watch the Canadian Documentary - "WiFi in schools proven dangerous" posted below (after clicking the Read more button below) which reports and investigates how WiFi exposure is causing heart problems, headaches and other neurological disorders in children.

Wifi Hazards
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