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[Investigative Video] Health Risks Of WiFi Radiation Are Real....

WiFi has been considered and promoted as being "a safe form of radiation" when under limits, however combine the overall exposure from multiple neighboring WiFi hotspots and you might have an over-limit exposure. There are numerous cases of "radiation sensitive" users complaining about health symptoms associated with WiFi usage which go away as soon as they get away from it. Common problems reported are feeling tired, Unable to concentrate, Negative thinking, depressive thoughts, less sleep etc.

Do watch the Canadian Documentary - "WiFi in schools proven dangerous" posted below (after clicking the Read more button below) which reports and investigates how WiFi exposure is causing heart problems, headaches and other neurological disorders in children.

Wifi Hazards


Way back in 1997, my employer introduced cellphones for staff who operated outside the office, they also provided 'hands-free' kits. Around that time there were some worries over the radiation and I was asked to test the phones. My findings were actually sobering, yes there was a lot of radiation when the cellphone was used as a handset, next to the ear, but guess what, when the earphone was plugged in that radiation increased by a factor of three to four. Why did this happen? because when there is an wired earphone connected, the phone uses the wire as an antenna, it's all about the path of least resistance and it's easier for the cell to gather radiation through the 60 cm wire. So beware wired earphones are worse than Bluetooth or using a phone nest to the ear.

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