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Hard Disc Space

Steps To Recover Lost USB Disk Space

A few days ago my friend experienced "lost disk space" on his 8 GB pen-drive while using the Videocon D2H external-disk TV recording functionality. The DTH STB asked to format the device to enable recording, after which only 149MB was left visible/usable on Windows. While inspecting the disk from "Windows Disk Management" console, it was clear the space was still there but is of an unknown format, the recording feature on STB deliberately converted the disk to a custom file-system to prevent piracy of recorded material. We simply need to reclaim the space using special utilities as demonstrated ahead.

Recovery Process

Windows Disk Management Showing Unrecognized File-system Space

Recovery Process

Greyhole - free utility to create an redundant storage pool of disk drives of any size or type of connection

If you own multiple computers, hard disks and removable drives it would make perfect sense to have an universally accessible combined data storage pool. Free utility software Greyhole does exactly that.

Greyhole uses Samba to create a storage pool of all available hard drives, allowing users to create redundant copies of there files preventing data loss when part of their hardware fails. Users can add and configure as many disk drives (internal, external, USB, e-Sata, Firewire) as they wish in their storage pool whose resulting size will be the sum of total free space in all the included disk drives.

Users are allowed to keep many copies of each file which will be stored in a different hard drive, this strategy acts like an automated backup solution preventing data loss in-case a disk-drive failure occurs.

FosiX Lite - Free Software For Analyzing And Visualizing Disk Space Usage

FosiX Lite is a free tool designed to let users analyze their disk space usage graphically, We have written about a similar free disk usage charting tool Space Monger earlier.

FosiX Disk Analyzer

provides a simple and easy to diagnose graphical view of the disk-drive with detailed space usage statistics and graphs letting your easily pinpoint the space occupiers, The software lets you easily navigate through those visualized folders by clicking on the chart elements or by using keyboard shortcuts, The handy utility also provides options to easily eliminate temporary files, clean up shortcuts, delete empty folders and clean up internet traces from your hard-disk to free up some space.

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