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Disk Backup Utility

Greyhole - free utility to create an redundant storage pool of disk drives of any size or type of connection

If you own multiple computers, hard disks and removable drives it would make perfect sense to have an universally accessible combined data storage pool. Free utility software Greyhole does exactly that.

Greyhole uses Samba to create a storage pool of all available hard drives, allowing users to create redundant copies of there files preventing data loss when part of their hardware fails. Users can add and configure as many disk drives (internal, external, USB, e-Sata, Firewire) as they wish in their storage pool whose resulting size will be the sum of total free space in all the included disk drives.

Users are allowed to keep many copies of each file which will be stored in a different hard drive, this strategy acts like an automated backup solution preventing data loss in-case a disk-drive failure occurs.

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Handy Backup LogoLargest external hard drive backup might be a cunning thing. On the one hand it entices you with the superlative degree: l a r g e s t! If there is hard drive to offer enough space for backing up ALL the valuable data you have (plus videos of kitties doing tricks), it is most surely the largest one.

But just like a butterfly attracted by the light of a candle, you might find issues with possessing the object of your desire as you go after backup to the external hard drive. Let’s see how Handy Backup, probably the most powerful backup utility, can help us to deal with the largest hard drive. The good news is that we are giving away EXCLUSIVE FREE ACTIVATION KEYS for powerful backup solution "Handy Backup Pro" to our blog readers, read on for details.

Handy Backup Solution For Windows Computers

[Exclusive Giveaway] Handy Backup - Automatic Data Backup, Recovery and Synchronization Software

Handy Backup LogoHaving regular backups is a must when we are dealing with valuable data - Hardware/software errors, data corruption or simple human mistakes are just few reasons that we are looking for to prevent data loss and protect the associated operational processes. Having up-to-date automated backups is the most proactive solution to the data-loss problem, today we are going to review one such utility 'Handy Backup' which takes care of this with ease and the good news is that we also have 25 licenses to giveaway for our readers.

Handy Backup is an easy-to-use automated backup software for Windows users, the award-winning data-backup and disaster recovery software is highly flexible and able to perfectly meet any individual requirements.

Handy Backup Solution For Windows Computers
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