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Google Phone

Google Nexus One Expected International Price List

Google Phone Nexus OneGoogle Nexus One cellphone is expected to get revealed after two days on January 5, 2010 and after leaked pricing for USA more information on international retail-prices has now surfaced; the phone will be costing $529 for the unlocked version and $179 with a contract through T-Mobile in USA but will add considerable amount to the $529 figure thanks to taxes and duties - Country specific final price-list for Google Nexus One can be found after the jump.

Nexus One USA Pricing

Nexus One - The Rumored Google Phone Now Officially Confirmed

Google PhoneMuch anticipated Google very own iPhone Killer "Google Phone" is now officially confirmed by the company, The phone named Nexus One will get manufactured by HTC for Google.

Although, not confirmed this is what the "Nexus One - Google Phone" is rumored to look like (HTC Passion).

Nexus One - The Google Phone Picture

Running the latest Android 2.1 operating system the phone is expected to be arriving in January 2010.

Google Android Mobile Phone India Launch Dates Announced

After trying Google Android Online Emulator, I am almost decided to buy this phone, and the good news is the Google Android (also known as The Google Phone) powered HTC phones will be available in India by end of this year in December, The company is in-talks with major mobile operator's for launching the product.

Google Android

However, don't expect the prices similar to US markets which is around Rs 8,200 ($179), Ajay Sharma, country manager, HTC (India) hinted this saying : "the Indian market does not work on the handset subsidy model".

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