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[Free Giveaway] Linkifier Premium Accounts For Downloading From 80+ Filehosting Services....

LinkifierAfter doing a small research out there, you will find out that you have plenty of file-hosting options. That’s a good thing right? Yes if you are an uploader. But what happens when you want to actually download a movie or a game or your favorite song, only to find out that all 3 of them are hosted on a different provider? You have 2 options:

1. You buy 3 different premium accounts and hope all your future downloads are stored on those 3 file-hosters you just bought an account for. That’s a good solution if you are rich and you don’t care spending your money on premium accounts

2. You find a good multi-host service and buy a premium account there instead!

Linkifier Multihoster

A multi-host service, like we have reviewed in the past, is a Premium service that connects you to all major file-hosters with one premium account!
We have found a new and upcoming service in this space: With one premium account at, starting at just $9.99, you can download from over 80 file hosters including all major ones like,, and Moreover, you will enjoy premium speeds, utilizing the full bandwidth of your connection. Finally, their premium links work with all major download managers and accelerators – including IDM – and they have a plug in on jDownloader.

Why Linkifier:

• Support for over 80 hosters including all major ones like,,,
• Premium ultra-high download speeds
• No General daily limits! (some specific hoster limitations apply and you can know about them before you upgrade)
• Affordable prices starting at only $9.99 for a 30 days account
• Support for all major download accelerators including IDM
• Specified plug in for the famous jDownloader application

The good news is Linkfier is giving away 5 One-month accounts free under an EXCLUSIVE giveaway contest for our blog readers. Don't want to wait you can Register and start using Linkifier here >>>

To participate in this "free premium account giveaway" all you need to do is to :

Step 1 - "Like and share this story on facebook" OR "Tweet" this giveaway.

Step 2 - "Leave a Comment" below telling us "Why would you want this multi-hoster premium account?", make sure to enter a valid email-id under Email box in comment section so we can contact you to share your reward :)


Congratulations to all winners, you should receive your Linkifier Premium Account information directly :

linkifier premium accounts

Special Offer for everybody else :

Double your purchase at Linkifier Premium with this EXCLUSIVE coupon code for our readers.



ecsjjgg's picture

As I am already a user of, but I find that almost all filehosters are unsupported...

Thanks for the contest, it will be interesting opportunity to check and ability to download big files easily.

I really need a better way to download from file-sharing sites. Things just ain't what they used to be!

Thank`s for the Giveaway, here`s my Share:

I want to use this Multiaccount to save some money.. :-)

Linkifier will enable me have access to desired apps, softwares and media that I normally won't have access to. The multi-hoster premium account is of great benefit to us from poor countries who don't readily have access to funds or the different softwares/media that are available.

I have so many downloads everyday from filehosters and this is so useful for me...

You can give anything a try in software !

This is something unheard of today..something free .. As an 82 year old anything free is a bonus.
This would help me enormously in my search fo files & apps

Thank you for any consideration


I'm always downloading files from rapidgator and other hosting websites. I'd like to try Linkifier and see what it can offer.

A single multi-hoster premium account will save a lot of time, effort and cost. The convenience itsself is worth it.

Gives me more and easier control of my downloads.

Best multi host downloader

I would always love to download premium contents like movies, ebooks which is hindered without a premium account...

Vineeth Prabhanandan's picture

Almost all the torrent sites are banned now ..and the only option to get files is to download through various file hoster sites...without premium there is only 50%chance to download something via file hoster websites ..

My downloads becomes easier

Would really love to have this account for downloading games and movies. Makes it way more easy with this account.

Thanks a lot for this giveaway!

nice multi hosting downloader i need freeaway

i use it for download files from this hosting for my site . it is really good

Thanks, my share below

Why would you want this multi-hoster premium account?
As i download learning materials, a multi-hoster premium account will help me a lot to download without having to wait between downloads and download at very low speed.

" " here is my share link "

I would use it for downloading ROMs for my phone.

here is my link of share " "

I want this awesome Linkifier for downloading software,movies etc.. without problems and slow speed...

Torrent not working. File sharing is the way

Here is my entry-

for downloading software,books, etc.. without problems and slow speed.without having to wait between downloads

here is my share

The reaseon is that I want to enjoy premium speeds, utilizing the full bandwidth of Linkfier

my link share

just share...

Tired of ads and speedcap, always looking to download via IDM :)

Yeah sorry this is basically another may be the same owner also. was GREAT when it came out, I pay 1 year service and got a 6 month extra free. At first it was nice...AT FIRST LIKE first 3 months. Then it went down. Most of the hosters was not working or down or no longer unlimited. It was horrible and it was getting worst over time. Now zevera just another money grabber website. I bet it is the same owners doing the same thing under different name. Be careful. Dont fall for the free year thing..cause you have to buy the year sub to get the free year....what can you loose? your money you invested in that multi hoster. I stick with one famous one and never have to look others. So careful ladies and is the holidays and a lot of rip off and yes of course the forum are getting a little share of money to advertise them. The forum i am with regretted to advertise zevera because the money to got from them was not worth the pain and crap they were getting from their members, specially there VIP members. They were tick off. So this linkifier look way too much like zevera.

Hello and Happy new year,

Give me one hint why you believe we are from zevera.... We do not have the same technology or the same prices! Have you even tried our service? Contact me via email and i will give you a free trial


Send me trial I need to check if its work then I buy it. Thanks.

I have recently tried a few downloading accounts but none of them have done what they said they could do. I was kind of hoping that if I got one of these accounts and tried it, that it would be worth purchasing in the future. Thank You.

I am interested in one of your free premium accounts to see if you are better than Zevera which I am using now. I paid for a month and so far I have not been able to download one single file. If you are anything at all better than they I will most certainly go with you in the future.

Please send me a free trial to compare to my existing options. I have a couple of multihosters. Zevera never has the hosters I need active. The other is good, but doesn't have all the hosters I need and why I signed up for a Zevera account and have never been able to download from the hosters I need.

I would not recommend linkifier. I've used it for a couple months now. First you add the link & it generates a new link for you. After it generates the new link you click download. That's where it all goes south. Typically it takes a long time and then most of the time I get an error message. Its common for me to try 5 or 6 times, sometimes more before it finally works. Then most of the time the downloads fail, so I have to repeat the process. This is especially true on larger files like movies. I would say it's uncommon for me to be able to download a movie with this service because it always fails, the times I have is because it was a one link download under 1GB and it takes me 8-10 attempts to even do that! Most of the time I can download an album, but once again it takes several attempts after generating the link to not get an error and to be able to do this. I've found it works only through patience and persistence so if you have the time to get a lot of failed downloads and repeated attempts this is for you! Otherwise, move on ... the concept is great but they need to work out some bugs. And yes, I contacted their customer support and this is where they get an A+, the individual was extremely helpful and we went over my ad-blocks and he suggested a download accelerators like flashgot, etc. Anyhow I spent a good couple weeks with them before giving up. None of the suggestions worked, however, he/she was very pleasant.

I can download from all premium hosts.

Please send me a free trial to compare to my existing options. I have a couple of multihosters. Zevera never has the hosters I need active. The other is good, but doesn't have all the hosters I need and why I signed up for a Zevera account and have never been able to download from the hosters I need.

It's nice having one place to coordinate the various holders

I want to download movies from firesharing sites

Of the 5 supported hosters I've tried through Linkifier, none of them have performed satisfactorily. All show "green" status on the hosters page, but one ( has NEVER worked. I just get back a generic failure error from Linkifier.

If I download directly from the hosters (where possible -- non-premium link) it works fine. The problem is with Linkifer.

Randomly, some hosters work for some downloads. Usually not. But try four URLs on the same hoster and one will work, the rest fail. An hour later another one might work. You won't get all four through Linkifier though.

Submitted download problem reports through their web form. Zero response. Nothing. Nada.

They are very proactive about taking your money. They are absolutely fraudulent about providing the service you paid for.

Yes, the issue is these hosters do not scale their PREMIUM accounts even after acquiring new customers on an already overloaded system of theirs.

great idea.. lets try something that works..

anyone knows how to download from icerbox without a premium account, pls?
According to the latest comments here, linkifier does not seem promising....
Thank you.

Have just signed up, cannot download anything from Rapidgator or Keep2share.

We could not start your download at this time. Apperently all our accounts are maxed out for hoster or the hoster is currently offline for our service. An automatic email message has informed us about the issue.
So rest assured we will work on it sharply.
Please retry your download later. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank`s for the Giveaway, here`s my Share:

thank you very much

I tried Linkifier with a 30 day subscripition. It took many tries over two days to download a single multi-part file. After that I was never able to successfully download anything else through Linkifier. I was very disappointed in their service. I kept getting "error downloading" messages. They recommend you use a download manager because it will retry the download and I used IDM. But the service did not work.

i would love to have one please

would love to try this service out as it is the only one that let you use nitro flare links that I can find

I'm always downloading files from rapidgator and other hosting websites. I'd like to try Linkifier and see what it can offer.



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