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Vista SP2

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Might Get Delayed

MicrosoftIf you were waiting for Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Final, the rumors are that its release has been delayed from Spring this year to summer's in May/June 2009, the Windows Vista SP2 Beta is already out and can be downloaded from here, the new service pack will include all the updates since Windows Vista SP1 with support for new hardware and standards, here is a list of major features supported in upcoming Windows Vista service pack.

Simple Hack To Download Windows Vista Service Pack 2 From Windows Update Before Official Release

Few days ago I posted about early beta build of Windows Vista SP2 being released to private beta testers, and as usual we now have a simple hack which allows users to get their hands on this pre-build of Windows Vista Service Pack 2 before everybody else directly from Windows Update servers.

Windows Vista SP2

To enable the early download access hack simply follow the procedure as described:

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