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Hack To Download Windows XP SP3 RC1 Through Windows Update

First it was the leaked Windows XP SP3 Download and now there is a registry hack floating on internet which allows you to download Windows XP SP3 RC1 (Release Candidate 1)directly from the Windows update website, here is a quick and dirty little application to enable the registry hack on your computer. The third service pack (SP3) for the Windows XP Operating system is said to have 113 security updates and 958 hotfixes.

Windows XP SP3 Download Hack

Pls. keep in mind that this is meant for advance users and educational purpose only, this is not the final version of Windows XP SP3, it is release candidate 1, Use at your own risk.

Click Read More to download the Hack >>

Link removed after DMCA notice from Microsoft to our web hosting provider.

UPDATE 2: XP SP3 Officially released, Click to download using direct link >>


I want to win sp3
for thank!

i want only winxp service pack 3 full version

try in torrent

download windows xp dark edition through torrent

Hi Man

Plz I Wanna Download This CD

But Can U Put It By The Full Version??!

and thnx so mush for your hard work

This is in strategy of Micro to bring all in Vista.
It's a good idea install it ?


go to mac

Unix code.....

All wins are craps...
buy this update buy another update, fuck marketing politics from bill...

even if will pay me i wouldnt install this crap on my machine...

best, ...






Thanks Mageleecher

thank'you very much for your software Windows XP SP3 Download, goodluck and nice to meet you

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