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Portable Password Manager

PasswordCard - A Smart Method To Keep Your Passwords Written With You And Still Being Safe

Having secure passwords is must, but remembering those cryptic passwords is a big problem. Many of us rely on either using a password manager or writing down the password(s) on a piece of paper for keeping them always with you - the latter being not a very good idea. The answer to this problem is "PasswordCard" - a credit card-sized password cheat-sheet which you keep in your wallet, allowing you to pick very secure passwords without having to remember them. All your passwords will be with you but nobody can read them, with your unique PasswordCard number you can even re-print another if the original gets stolen or missing.


Roboform Got Online - Now Save, Sync And Use Logins Across Multiple Computers

Roboform is a well-known secure password manager and form-filler utility helping users remember online forms and login information saving time by automating login's securely, the good news is Roboform now keeps your passwords in sync between multiple computers and web-browsers allowing you to access your login's anywhere in world from any internet connected computer or device.

Free Roboform Online Password Manager

RoboForm Online is free and supports synchronization from both Free and Pro flavors of the utility, also keep in mind that using online synchronization make sure you have a copy of you login data secured online in-case something goes bad with your local data.

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