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[EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY] SmartDNSProxy : 2 Months Premium Account To Unblock Geo-restricted Content

SmartDNS LogoInternet has changed so dramatically. At times, the use was only limited to surfing your favorite websites, to chat with your friends and family. Now, it has become an essential part of our day-to-day routines, and aboveboard, the day is not complete without the Internet!

Nowadays, the most common use of Internet is to explore the world and do anything and everything on the go! Yes, Mobile technology has made it pretty simple – where you only need to have Internet connection, and all your favorite shows, movies, clips, sports material, and even the websites you love to browse are easily accessible.

But we are not living in a world where everything is available on demand. If you’re one of the internet nerd, then you must know this already that GEO-RESTRICTIONS have been around to spy on us, and restrict us to access things that we love!

It is a common problem with all of our friends living abroad, or plan to move, or desire to watch global content. Geo-restriction hits them all! For instance, if you’re living in UK, and you want to watch Netflix USA or other US based channels, then nothing but a screen will appear saying that SORRY! See below.

Netflix Unblocker

People definitely need a solution that can allow them to access all those Geo-restricted content, and it’s their right too! And the concern is not only to access blocked content from any location, but people also look for a reliable service to protect their privacy & shelter them from malicious attacks.

Today, we have handpicked a Smart solution for all our users questing for a similar solution. SmartDNSProxy, a company whose mission is to deliver a service that makes people happy. They are dedicated to provide quality service to those looking to access blocked content & protect online privacy

Below are some awesome features that SmartDNSProxy offers:

  • Unlock 200+ Channels in 29 Countries with super-sonic speed
  • Encrypt and secure all your online activities. No hacks!
  • Download Torrents from any location
  • SmartDNS & SmartVPN on 5 different devices, simultaneously
  • 24/7 Friendly support to help you get your problem solved
  • No complexities, easy to use. No software
  • 100% Secure and Faster than any other service

See below a picture of what they offer:

And, what top-rated channels you can unblock:

Supported Channels

And which other country websites and channels you can access:

Countries to vpn unblock

This is a glimpse of what SmartDNSProxy do! It has plenty of more amazing features that are a perfect fit to your streaming and unblocking needs.

We know that everything has a price, and SmartDNSProxy has too. But the thing that we like about them is that they don’t urge users to get into a contract straightaway. They best part is that they offer a 14-day free trial to all its new users. And in case you don’t like their service, you have the free will to quit!

SmartDNSProxy have a Special Giveaway for Megaleecher Users:

You will see oodles of reasons to buy SmartDNSProxy, but here is a special giveaway for all Megaleecher readers who wish to try them out. Starting today, all Megaleecher readers will get FREE SmartDNSProxy account. This is an exclusive deal and it is coupled with not only SmartDNS, but SmartVPN too.

All you need to do is to browse using this special link and sign-up before 2nd June 2015, and you will get 2 Months Free SmartDNS & SmartVPN account.

Note: This giveaway is exclusive for Megaleecher readers only. This exclusive giveaway will expire 7 days from now i.e. on 2nd June 2015.


This is great, I'll give it a try - thanks for sharing - I'm glad I subscribe to the feed! I wonder if Netflix is going to ban this soon.


thank you

Great article. The DNS option is better than using a VPN regarding content streaming because you can achieve direct connection with the media station ex. Netflix and avoid the “middle-man”.

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