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Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS Mature's, New Chromebook & Chromebox Launched

Google Chrome OS and the initial Google Chromebook device were not able to create any significant stir, the next generation of Google Chrome OS and devices are out now to in hopes to change that.

With release of all new Google Chrome OS powered ChromeBox portable desktop computing unit, it has once again proved how desktop computing future will be all about ultra-portable devices. Google is once again trying to get back into the desktop race with the new version of there "Google Chrome OS", to get the the job done the new features are better offline application capabilities and a more desktop like interface.

Apart from the new ChromeOS upgrade, the new "talk of the town" would be the portable ChromeOS powered desktop computing unit "ChromeBox".

Google Chromebox

The new Chromebook boots in less than seven seconds and resumes instantly, to get this done Google is now using more hardware fire-power by adding Intel Core processors offering nearly three times faster speeds with hardware-accelerated graphics, multi-touch trackpad and an open-source firmware stack.

ChromiumOS Cherry - Carry And Use Google Chrome OS From Your USB Disk

ChromiumOS CherryWanna give Google Chrome OS a try here is a nice option to install the OS on your USB pen-drive without the hassle of compiling your own distro from source-code, thanks to ChromiumOS Cherry you can now download a pre-compiled build of Google Chrome OS ready to install on your USB pendrive and boot directly into Chrome OS on any machine capable of booting from USB.

Open-source Google Chrome OS Project Launched

Google Chrome OSThe cat is finally out of the bag as Google officially announced the launch of their very own open-source Google Chrome OS project, The leaked Google Chrome OS Browser is in fact an early build of the actual Google Chrome OS which is described by Google as a fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people who spend most of their time on the web.

Google OS Screenshot

In simple language Google Chrome OS will be a fast and optimized Chrome Browser tightly integrated with the hardware offering web-applications for getting things done on the cloud (web), confused ? the video demo ahead will make things much clearer.

Download Google Chrome OS Leaked Build

Google ChromeTechCrunch reader Jonathan Frederickson who sent earliest tips regarding Google Chrome OS folder on the Chromium build site has now came up with something very exciting - an early build of Google's very own under-development operating-system Chrome OS.

Google Chrome OS GUI
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