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Google Chrome Plugins

Ford KeyFree - Automatic login to your online accounts just by getting near to your computer

While we have some excellent free password managers like Lastpass, here is something very interesting from "Ford"!, yes a software for your computer from a car manufacturer. To promote the keyless entry system feature in Ford cars, the company has released a Chrome extension which once configured, stores user login details for websites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter and then, whenever the user is near their Mac computer the app detects them via bluetooth from an pre-approved smartphone and automatically logins to the websites.

Ford keyFree

Imagine the possibility of just sitting down on your computer and getting 'automagically' logged into your online accounts, without hitting a single key or moving the mouse. Although, not very secure I would certainly like something similar to get integrated with my current favorite password manager "LastPass'. A video demonstration and download link after the jump.

Download Google Chrome OS Leaked Build

Google ChromeTechCrunch reader Jonathan Frederickson who sent earliest tips regarding Google Chrome OS folder on the Chromium build site has now came up with something very exciting - an early build of Google's very own under-development operating-system Chrome OS.

Google Chrome OS GUI
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