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Twitter Hack

How To Recover Saved Twitter Password From Your Web-browser

Finding yourself in a tough spot with a forgotten Twitter account password - worry not if you happen to have your web-browser autologin to Twitter with saved login/password, free portable utility "TwitterPasswordDecryptor" for Windows will let you recover twitter account password instantly by decrypting the stored credentials by any popular web browsers.TwitterPasswordDecryptor automatically crawls through browsers password databases, instantly decrypting and recovering all stored Twitter passwords.

Twitter Password Cracker Utility

Long Reply Allows You To Tweet Longer Messages

Twitter is a micro-blogging service and hence allows users to post short 140 character limited messages, however if you wish to post longer messages new service Long Reply allows you to create really long messages which can be read from the unique URL for the message - so all you need to do is to tweet the unique web-address which users can click to read the full text.

Longer Tweet
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