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Microsoft Windows 7

Fixing Microsoft ActiveSync Compatibility Issue On Windows 7

If you still got hold of an older Windows Mobile phone and the only option to manage it from your PC is "Microsoft ActiveSync", and if you tried using it on the newer Windows 7 desktop OS only to find that unfortunately the application is no-longer compatible and is being blocked with incompatibility error message as below.

ActiveSync incompatibility with Windows 7

Luckily, Microsoft has not blocked the ability to manage your older WM devices from Windows 7 but introduced another in-built feature named "Windows Mobile Device Center" which needs to be downloaded separately as demonstrated next.

Watch The Awesome Nokia Lumia Live Lights Up Event Held At London Featuring Amazing 4D Projection

Nokia's flagship Windows Mobile OS based cellphone Lumia 800 got launched on 28th November at Millbank Tower, London. Thanks to the world's most advanced 4D technology and "deadmau5" DJ'ing the launch event featured an amazing free light-n-music show projected onto the Millbank Tower as shown in the video after the jump.

Nokia Lumia 800 Launch

Millbank was plunged into darkness with the iconic tower acting as the canvas for a never-before-seen spectacular. Each of the 120 metre high building's 800 windows were covered with vinyl as 16 powerful projectors, stationed 300 metres away on the other side of the river, beamed 3D images onto the structure. Huge butterflies flew across the London skyline and the tower was twisted, pulsated and even fell down. Billed as the "future of live events" the spectacular show was accompanied by music from super producer deadmau5, who created exclusive remixes for the performance -- adding the 4th dimension.

Microsoft's Vision Of Our Technology Future, Awesome Video Presentation !

Here's Microsoft's concept future vision on how people will get their things done at work, home, and on the go in coming 5-10 years. Watch the concept video to get a glimpse of the future of productivity, a must watch futuristic video for every tech lover.

The future technology

Windows 7 Device Stage Automatically Converts Media For Playback On Target Device

Microsoft Windows 7 comes loaded with lots of new features, and one of the most exciting new feature is Device Stage which introduces a brand new way to interact with your hardware devices from Windows desktop; Out-of-the-box support for hardware devices is one of the major strength for Windows over competing operating-systems and Windows 7 takes this to all new level with even more device-support allowing users to utilize services offered by their devices via new visual interface of device-stage without the need to install additional software or drivers.

Microsoft Windows 7 Device Stage

Newly introduced Device Stage is not just a visual interface to interact with your devices but also offers automatic media conversion suited for devices plugged-in as I found it while working with Creative Zen MP3 player as demonstrated ahead.

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