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Using Windows 7 Virtual XP Mode To Run Incompatible Applications

Windows 7 CompatibilityCustom and legacy software application compatibility has always been an issue with newer operating system platforms, and if this is the reason stopping you from upgrading to the latest operating-system technology all new Microsoft Windows Virtual XP Mode is now here for rescue, the XP virtulization technology integrates seamlessly with host system offering a streamlined experience with full backward application compatibility, to check the new Virtual XP Mode in Windows 7 I tested it using popular accounting software Tally 7.2 which is incompatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, launching the application on Windows 7 throws the error as shown below.

Tally On Windows 7

Setting up Virtual XP Mode and making applications work with it is quite easy and simply requires users to install applications on guest operating system, you can follow the easy to setup guide ahead to make non-compatible applications work in Windows 7 using Virtual XP Mode.

Recover Corrupted Tally Accounting Data

TallyTally is the most widely used accounting software in India, and data corruption is a common problem mainly caused due to power failure, unexpected system shutdown, virus attacks, media corruption, OS corruption, or hard drive crashes, Since, Accounting data is very important for its users, Tally being the leading accounting software company of India incorporates many inbuilt protections to protect the data from getting corrupted, however data can still get corrupted and Tally provides easy options to recover it.

Tally Error
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