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Feds Present Bill To Online Sales Tax Law, eBay Plans To Lobby Their 40 Million Users To Oppose It

The USA Senate voted on Thursday to pass a Federal sales tax legislation which will allow government to collect tax on purchases made over the Internet. However, a final vote got delayed until May after senators return from a weeklong vacation. One of the most affected party eBay has now started emailing millions of it's users as an unprecedented lobbying effort to pressurize government from passing the law. The email asks users to oppose the "Marketplace Fairness Act", by sending emails to members of Congress asking them it unfairly burdens small online merchants.


It clearly show how bad financial condition of US.....Sales Tax is just sale tax whether you sale goods personally on shop or on net.
Web is virtual shop.....

Our plan of course was to send people to Washington to represent our interests. Naturally we do not plan to send people that want to just keep thinking up new ways to tax us.
Time and time again we seem to send the wrong people and have to wait for the next election to try again. I'm hoping our Congressmen and Senators get it this time and turn down the Internet sales tax.
Maybe sending less aid to others countries might just make up for what they could possible take in.

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