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Titanfall : PC Vs XBox Gameplay, Guess Who Wins This?

When it comes to highly anticipated new games, it's always a hard choice to choose which platform to opt for best picture-quality and gameplay. Here is something which will help you take the decision for Titanfall.


There is really no real difference in the two. In either case the XO hardware is virtually the same as that of a PC on less resource and none upgrade-able graphic processing. But to each there own. I have always been a PC gamer I own a PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 and Xbox1 and yet I still prefer to game on my PC over my console.

Did they used PC to create a games?

    1. Yes they did.
  • The guy who said there is really no difference must be neurally impaired. There is an obvious and huge difference especially when the Xbox tears the scene in two, not to mention the PC superior rendering of dust and light. I could understand someone not noticing that, but not noticing that the xbox is tearing the scene from time to time takes a real blind spot on someone's part.

    Details, textures and lighting look identical but I think the XO has shearing while the PC does not. It takes a lot of cycles to reduce shearing with that kind of rendering going on.

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