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UEFI : The Future PC BIOS

UEFI BIOS LOGOComputer technology has grown by leaps and bounds, but surprisingly very less has improved when it comes to BIOS - the very first thing which takes control when starting a computer. We still have to make our way through an cumbersome to use keyboard only navigation with DOS styled interface, but thanks to new Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) BIOS specification things are soon going to get graphical with full mouse and scroll-wheel support and even make you booting time faster.

The good news is that you won't have to wait long for this, as Asus will soon launch new UEFI(Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) based motherboards - these new motherboards will support 3 TB disk-drives and feature new user-interface with EZ & advanced modes with full mouse support and drag-n-drop.


UEFI graphical user interface demo and boot speed comparison video after the jump.

UEFI UI Demonstration

Classic Vs UEFI BIOS Speed Comparison


EFIs arn't really new, they came out 6 years ago.

Their not even a BIOS either, their totally different.

Yeah i built a programer with the second gen MSI board and i5 second gen. This is a preBios help. Really is interested cause its a GUI costumizer which help boost performance out of the processor and RAM functionality. It also include smart fan control which include quiet and turbo :). I wished my gigabyte board had this program, with the added of a O.C. program this would be a killer. Even just on gaming.

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