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Samsung Galaxy S 2 - First TV Commercial

First TV commercial of "Samsung Galaxy S2" - the upgraded version of popular Samsung Galaxy I9000 cellphone is now available and is posted after the jump.

Samsung Galaxy S2


Let see if Samsung can get it right this time after the EPIC failure of the Galaxy I

Samsung Galaxy S was an epic HIT. Over 3 million Galaxy S were sold in the first 6 months which is phenomenal!

What a stupid advert.

It advertises that it is not waterproof. duh

Will the next advert show it being dropped , falling to pieces with a shattered screen ?

Some add men are so stupid.. Advertising the flaws.

Well, dude according to them the display is so awesome that every thing looks alive. In that case that dumb fish on the screen. They are telling u that it is so very realistic that u might try to put the cell in the water bowl to keep that fish alive.

Pretty cool advert if u ask me.

well i think , then its unsafe to buy this phone.. you go mad with this phone..

Yeah! It is so cool. Please learn to appreciate beautiful things like this.

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