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$30,000 To Fill An iPod - Zune Ads Hitting iTunes Store

Microsoft is hitting hard on Apple product prices with its series of tv commercial targeting the high cost to own Apple products describing it as Apple Tax, the latest in series compares the cost to fill an 120 GB iPod from iTunes store to that of Zune portable media player via Zune Pass costing just $15 a month.


I laughed, if for nothing more than the fact people buy songs off of itunes. I hate using the thing just to add songs to my ipod classic, so I changed programs. Why in the world would anyone buy from it.... If you are anti-piracy and HAVE to pay for your music, there are plenty of epic alternatives. Microsoft has been doing good lately in my eyes, if it wasn't for the iphone I am buying soon, I would not even deal with Apple anymore. [in process of selling my ipod classic lol]

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