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Installing VNC server on Raspberry Pi for remote desktop functionality

Majority of the users must be using their little Raspberry Pi computer headless (without any keyboard, mouse or display attached), and while SSH is a great option for Linux users feeling comfortable with command line other users need an graphical user interface. Here is an quick tutorial to remotely access your Raspberry Pi's desktop remotely over an network.

Remote VNC Desktop

Detecting IP address of Raspberry Pi on your network

While it's a better idea to allocate an static or fixed IP address to your Raspberry Pi, here is a simple trick to find the DHCP allocated IP address to your RasPi on a network. This specially come handy when you are trying to connect to RasPi remotely via SSH or VNC and don't know the dynamic IP it is currently active on.

How to manually assign a fixed IP address to Raspberry Pi

While WICD network Manager is an excellent choice for configuring wireless networking with allocation of an fixed IP address, this can be achieved manually in Linux by editing the relevant \etc\network\interfaces file as shown below.

Interfaces file setup for static IP

Google Voice Search available on Apple iOS

We have seen the excellent Google Voice capabilities in Android 4.1 and how it beats Apple Siri hands down. The good news is Apple iPhone users without Siri, now need not mess with hacks and tweaks like SiriProxy to get voice search functionality as Google has now officially launched the Google Voice Search for Apple iOS.

The new Google Search app for iPhone and iPad lets users perform enhanced voice searches using accurate voice recognition technology which works with many different accents world-over. Watch the demo videos posted ahead.

Google Voice

Apple iPhone 5 to launch in India and several other countries on November 2, Pre-order officially or buy now at cheaper price

Apple has made changes to how they will be distributing Apple products in India, and as scheduled the latest Apple iPhone 5 will be made available to Indian users officially from coming November, 2nd.

As evident from the pre-order page at airtel, the 16GB iPhone 5 will be available from 02.11.2012 with shipping in 5-6 days at Rs. 45,500.

Apple iPhone 5 Airtel

However, Indian customers need not to wait as cheaper deals to buy Apple iPhone 5 are already available at trading portals as shown below.

Windows Phone 8 Released : Here's an excellent video showing new features and why it is better than your Apple's and Android's

There is no doubt that Microsoft Modern UI works wonderfully on phones - it's simple, modern and intuitive. Microsoft today officially released the Windows Phone 8 upgrade to there mobile OS platform. To get the word across they have created an excellent video (posted below) comparing Apple iOS and Google Android with Windows Phone 8 in real world situations. After watching the video one can surely say it did succeed to get the message across - why Windows Phone 8 is better option.

FatRat - The Best Download Manager For Linux

fatrat logoIn my ongoing quest to get an free, lightweight and fast download manager with remote access ability for Raspberry Pi. I settled for Transmission to get torrent downloading and pyLoad for ftp/http downloading, however both of them have issues under limited resources of Raspberry Pi and had frequent crashes now and then.

After, a lot of research, tweaking and testing - I had finally found the best option for a perfect lightweight download manager on linux as "FatRat". Despite the name being FatRat, this open-source download manager for Linux is written in C++ and is slim on requirements, fast on performance and comes with all the bells and whistles one would need from an modern download manager including Segmented HTTP(S)/FTP downloads, FTP uploads, torrents and a super-fast web-ui for remote access.

[Video] LG's scary prank to advertise there new IPS Monitors having life like colors

Installing and using pyLoad Download Manager on Raspberry Pi

pyLoadpyLoad is an excellent cross-platform download manager with support for one-click file hosters, captcha decoding and excellent web-interface for anywhere remote control over internet.

After installing transmission torrent client on Raspberry Pi, pyLoad is an suitable choice to take of the other downloading needs like handling links from One-Click-hoster's, container formats like DLC, video sites or just plain http/ftp links. Here is an step-by-step guide to get pyLoad installed and working on Raspberry Pi.

PyLoad web interface

How to restore iOS 5.1.1 custom IPSW using iTunes without errors

Users relying on software carrier unlock ultrasn0w must use sn0wbreeze created custom IPSW firmware to upgrade there iDevice to an upgraded iOS version without updating the baseband which breaks the unlock. However, Apple iTunes prevents users from upgrading or restoring to these custom IPSW files and errors out the process with codes 3194 and 1600 - for which we have shared solution earlier. Here is an step-by-step guide to restore an custom IPSW file to iPhone using iTunes the correct way without any errors.

iOS 5.1.1


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