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Installing and using the Watchdog Timer on Raspberry Pi

watchdogIn it's simplest definition watchdog is a hardware and/or software timer-register which can used to trigger an system reset or action if something doesn’t works as expected. The watchdog timer performs regular heartbeat checks and if failed performs the pre-defined corrective tasks.

The now hugely popular mini-computer Raspberry Pi features the BCM2835 SoC which has an built-in hardware watchdog timer, this can be used to check tasks like network connectivity, system load, system freeze and other metrics like temperature to perform corrective measures like automatic system reset. Just follow the steps as instructed next to get started with using watchdog timer.

RasPi Watchdog

Apple iPhone 6 Concept Runs iOS and OSX Hybrid iOSX

Microsoft Windows 8 and Ubuntu has already started to blur the line between desktop and mobile computing, it's now Apple's turn to do the convergence.

While not official here is an designer created concept of Apple iPhone 6 running iOSX - an hybrid of OSX and iOS. Do watch the video posted below.

iPhone 6 Concept

An Elegant and Functional Google Smartwatch Concept

While Google is ushering the next generation of smart technology by offering daily used technology innovations like Google Self Driving Cars and Google Project Glass, here is an interesting "Google Smart Watch" concept by "Adrian Maciburko".

Google Time Concept

eCoupled - Now Wirelessly Transfer Power Between Devices For Charging And Automation

Well you can now ask to borrow power from a fellow to charge your device, thanks to the new device-to-device charging innovation eCoupled Technology. The Wireless charging technology has now been around for a while, but eCoupled takes it to a whole new level - just place the two devices back to back and you can use power from one device to top-up charge on another. If this is not good enough there are more automation uses like automatic switching-on the TV when the remote is lifted from the Surface. Do see the video posted below.

eCoupled Tech

This is not all the Wireless charging solution can also be used to perform automated tasks like :

Rumors, Leaked Image and Concept Video of Samsung Galaxy S4

S4With speculations of Samsung revealing the successor to the best selling smartphone of 2012 - the "Samsung Galaxy S3" during upcoming CES 2013, here is what we know till now about illusive Samsung Galaxy S4 from rumors, supposedly leaked image and an interesting concept video.

Galaxy S4

The rumored specifications of Samsung Galaxy SIV includes an 5 inch 1080p display, the latest Exynos 5440 processor based Cortex A15 chipset, 13 Megapixel camera which should be powered by Google Android 5. Don't forget to watch the Galaxy SIV concept video ahead.

Ubuntu Mobile OS Announced, Android Compatible OS Coming in 2013

If Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, Symbian, Mozilla Mobile OS, Nokia MeeGo and Sailfish does not satisfy your need for the perfect, most hackable and customizable mobile operating system, here is an exciting "open-source" candidate with some promising features from the leading Linux distribution - Ubuntu.

Ubuntu's developer Canonical has announced their entry into the smartphone business with first public glimpses and features of upcoming Ubuntu for Phones. The Linux-based operating system will offer users an seamless experience on Desktop, PC and Mobile with some exciting features and an "android compatible kernel" so existing Google Android users can simply install and use Ubuntu on their phones. While Ubuntu for Phones will be available in 2013 for users to install on existing hardware, handsets powered by the OS will hit shelves in 2014. Canonical released an extensive video preview and this looks really promising - have a look yourself below.

Ubuntu Phone OS

Chinese Installous Alternative Lets Users Pirate Paid Apple AppStore Apps Without Requiring Jailbreak

Shutdown of Apple iOS piracy service Installous seems to be a short lived relief for App developers as a new Chinese application is suddenly in limelight offering an "easy-to-use" alternative for "Installous" - and the kicker is that now the device does not even have to be jailbreaked in order to use this one.

The Windows desktop application and iOS application offered by Chinese startup named kuiayong enables any user to simply plug-in and download paid AppStore applications for free, no matter which iOS version and whether jailbroken or not.

Installous alternative is here
kuiayong pirated appstore

Popular Apple AppStore Piracy Website and iOS Application Apptrackr and Installous Shuts Down...

hackulousHackulous - the development team behind the Apptrackr website and Installous iOS application which have been one of the most popular sources to get pirated paid apps published on Apple's App Store announced closure of there services with immediate effect.

The website now shows the following notice and Installous app displays : "Outdated version. Installous will now terminate" or "API Error. API unavailable." followed by an forced quit.

hackulous shutdown notice

Solution for iPhone iTunes Activation Error With Baseband 6.15

Hactivating an Apple iPhone can be a tricky business specially when your iPhone 3G/3GS is having the "iPad 6.15" baseband for retaining software unlock. After, repeated failed attempts to have an Apple iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.0 with baseband 6.15 hactivate using custom IPSW and redsn0w the following worked for me.

iPhone 3G at activation screen
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