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How To Install Apple Mac OS X Leopard On PC

Mac OS X For PC

Want to install Mac OS X "Leopard" the successor of Mac OS Tiger on your PC, but don't want to go through all the high skilled patching and EFI emulation to get it working on PC, Here's a solution "Leopard DVD with built-in PC-EFI", EFI emulation allows users to enjoy OS X on their PC.

Mac OS X

The installation is pretty simple, just follow the steps outlined as follows:
  1. Goto Mininova and search for "iATKOS v1.0i", Download the torrent sizing 2.09 GB. (Sorry, no direct link to torrent)
  2. Burn the downloaded .ISO to a DVD.
  3. Boot using the DVD and follow onscreen instructions.

Note: Please keep in mind that this could be illegal as the OS is patched by some third party and not meant to be run on a PC, this information is provided for educational purpose only.


This is only legal to apple developers.
It's half-legal if you buy a mac, install boot camp, install windows, and remove OSX completely (whats the point of that?).

I am an apple developer, and have done this.

if you are a developer (or want to try it), go to and click on the wiki link.
then check the hardware compatibility list for your computer

(name not given)


woooooow really thanks maaatee !!!!!!!

i love you, a PC run Mac os x leopard please

please send me leopard

I really appreciate the way you thoroughly wrote this installation process.

i've booted te iso burned on the dvd. then the Darwin 86 starets but after a few seconds the pc reboots and same process begins...the installation doesn't go beyond needed.

Ya..same thing happened for me. i have even trid in VMWARE virtual environment. but could not install. System keep restarting

Theeasy way is to first try Mac on VM-Ware, a programm thet allows you to install and run Mac inside the Windows. If you don`t like it just delete -- it`s mutch safe that way, you do not mess up you PC...

the iATKOS release is great and all. but i've been wondering about something. if the developer can somehow modify the os x so that it can run on windows, wht is there to ensure tht no other things are modified tht may allow the them to do other things like spying on our activities and stealing our credit card information or some other confidential stuffs...

i'm in no way accusing anyone of anything tho. i'm just wondering about such possibilities. such things may also be possible to be done by a third party sharing files on bittorrent. they could modify it first to their hearts content before re-seeding it on the torrent network as a different (maybe so called better) file.

If I have a mac software, but have no mac, can i install the softwares while i run the emulation?

I only have 700mb DVD-R's. Anyone know where I could get larger ones and not in mass amounts? Or is there any other way to install the iso such as a flash drive or external hard drive?

You can buy big capacity disks at Walmart!

this is pretty cool so far. it's a good thing i'm an apple developer
note, this is 100% legal if you are an apple developer.

but those who want to check out OS X before buying a real mac, do so at your own risk :P

can i run the software which i run in windows.. or should i have to get only the mac ones....
plz reply.....

Can any one send me the required setup of mac os x i am unable to open the website please send on my email address:

Yasir Zia

is it legal

I trying to install Mac on My amd athlon installed successfully but

the problem is driver.

My drivers r not loaded.

If you have anything solution then please tell me.

I got instruction to install mac on pc from this site.

Thanks in advance.

hi, im currently searching information about the legality of installing an osx on a pc for a apple developer. i see that many people claim that its legal when your are an apple developer but i never see anything about this from apple itself. so if someone know where i can have this information it would be great. thanks!!!

im was scared to use it and to use it now i ave 2 get it of a 3rd party site it dont exist on mininova

Seriously are you people kidding me, you guys whine like a group of 3rd Grade Girl Scouts. Seriously, your scared .... you gotta be kidding me right? If you're so scared then use a proxy and stop crying about it, the boogy man won't find you that way okay! Wow I'm glad the fate of the computer age has been hijacked from crybaby's like you guys and taken for a joy ride by guys like me! Remember experimentation is the mother of invention and progress, although in the hands of the weak at heart or slow in mind it can also very well be the Mother of all F&*#K Ups but seriously kids, stop hiding under the beds reclaim your manhood and dare to try something new! Be determined to break through the limits others would set upon you and one day you will look back and realized you have traveled much farther than you ever dreamed of!

I'm not saying it will be easy, but I can promise you it will be worth it!

Hi all ,
i download the iso file and burn it at dvd
but when it load at bootup i saw blank screen with the apple logo and small " moving icon " under it mean i have to wait .
but nothing happing later
i wait more than hour with nothing new .
what i do please? i have 3 Ghz-2mb intel cpu and 2 gb ddr3 ram and 500 gb sata hardd and samsung IDE dvd ram .


Hello Sir I Have
Lenovo Z570,
INTEL icore 7 Processor,
4gb ram,
500gb hard disk,
2gb Nvidia graphics card.

I need to install the Mac Ox Mountain Lion...................
Plz tell me a way 2 install the mac ox.......................

Great tips. Thank you! They are very useful for me.

No follow that steps can help me, thanks

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