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[RARE] - Free Lifetime Usenet Access With 1Mbit Speed Limit

Free UseNetUsing BitTorrent, eMule and Gnutella for download all the free stuff ?, there exist another technology known mostly to geeks as "Usenet". Daily terabytes of new content is added to these servers ready for sharing, and with sharing you will get all sorts of legal and illegal music, movies, software's, images, porn, ebooks and anything digital you can think off, lately the WAREZ angle has also made this a lucrative business and various service providers offer speedy access to these files for a fixed monthly payment.

Rarely you will find any Usenet server provider offering free, lifetime account with speed capped to 1Mbit (more then enough for maximum users), and today we have EXACTLY this for you 100% free - so don't wait and grab this offer fast.

  1. Goto and register for a free account.
  2. You will receive an email with login information, use that to access your free account.
  3. You will need an "news reader" application and there are various free and paid options available, for an comprehensive list and comparison have a look here -
  4. For testing purpose we used Newsleecher (paid application with free trial) and added the server details provided by xsusenet.
  5. Once the server is added, you just connect to it and download the newsgroup list - on browsing these newsgroups you will find the content of your choice which can be directly downloaded.


I managed to get registered, but downloading anything is proving impossible. They were overloaded when they advertised free connections in September, so maybe the same is happening again.

I opted for the german server and it was working good except for the 1Mbit and 2 max. connection issue.

I'm having troubles finding a compatible newsreader that's completely free..... any suggestions?

For first timers and with limited download speed I would suggest Newsleecher Trial as it offers downloading the last "X" entry list only :

A completely free choice without the above feature would be GrabIt :

software unzbin

search engine :


I've been using this service for some time. It works well.

As for newsreaders I'm using


Which is free and brower based.

No problems at all.

Hope this helps

Thanks for this wonderful info i'm now trying this and will reply soon !!!

There doesn't seem to be a U.S. option for signup.

It's the server location not your country, pick any one of your choice like "Netherlands".

I need to change to do i change this...I elected The Netherlands as a server, not realizing my e-mails would be in Dutch language...Help plz...Thanks


I can only get a 6.99 euro option nomatter which link I click on. ?????
I have fried different servers bot to no avail.
Perhaps not for New Zealand for the free option

I elected Netherlands as the server location but my e-mail is in do i change the language to English? ...thanks

Just click the link in the confirmation email, copy and paste your username and password. Login, on the first screen that comes up is the option to make your own password and to change your language. Even though it is in a diff language, you can still figure out what is going on in the email they first sent you. Or if you HAVE NOT registered, just choose the server in UK.

Thanks a bunch...worked like a i"m good to go...thanks again.


how to access this dallier and how i pay

how come I only get 50k/s of download speed, fake sh1t

how to download the newsgroup list

i use sabnzbd with

I made a mistake. Is there any way I'd be able to start from scratch all over?
when I tray, it says sort of "ONLY ONE SUBSCRIBER BY USER"
I've tray different eMails = same result.

there are only four countries does usenet support other also

Thank you for explanation. usenet is the best

Can not get it to connect to . its working at all its a dud........

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