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Time-Limited Giveaway of Auslogics BoostSpeed 8: Get your PC Running Like New in Minutes

Auslogics Software, an Australian publisher of awesome PC optimization and maintenance tools, has released a brand-new version of its highly popular computer optimizer – BoostSpeed. Version 8 comes with over 100 improvements, new tools and more power to make your PC a top performer.
Auslogics BoostSpeed 8

Besides the standard full scan and repair that takes care of junk files and speed issues, BoostSpeed offers 18 powerful tools for any PC-related need. Each of these tools could be a standalone program. As a matter of fact, you might even have a few programs on your computer that could be easily replaced with this toolkit. There are tools to help you recover accidentally deleted files, to permanently shred sensitive documents, to optimize your Internet connection, customize your Windows experience, check your hard drive for errors, find and remove file duplicates and a lot more.

Auslogics BoostSpeed 8

Auslogics users are especially excited about the comeback of System Advisor – a handy tool that regularly checks your computer for potential tweaks or upgrades that might help it run better. It will even tell you if you need to upgrade your video or sound cards, install more RAM or upgrade some other hardware component. You can ignore the recommendations if you like or act upon them and improve your PC even more than any software can.

Auslogics BoostSpeed 8

With security being one of the main concerns any user has these days, BoostSpeed’s Privacy Cleanup tool finally gives you the peace of mind you crave by letting you erase all traces of confidential or sensitive information from your PC. Bet you have no idea how many bits of your financial info, your online and offline activity or your identity info are stored in various corners of your hard drive. BoostSpeed scans all possible locations and shows you everything you didn’t want other people to see on your computer. Then you have the choice to run full cleanup or manually sort through detected items to see if you want to keep anything.

Auslogics BoostSpeed 8

If you just want to take the program for a test drive, BoostSpeed 8 offers a free trial version that lets you do quite a bit. You can run each one of the 18 tools three times to be able to judge about the program’s usefulness. You can also run disk cleanup an unlimited number of times, launch 2 of the Live Speedup tools and use Browser Care to sort out your browser add-ons, default home pages and search engines absolutely free. The program is worth downloading even if you don’t win one of the free licenses here this time. This brings us to the main point of this post…

Auslogics BoostSpeed 8

10 lucky readers of this blog will come away with a free license for the full version of Auslogics BoostSpeed 8! The program normally costs $59.95, so getting it for free is an awesome deal. Can you think of some friends or family whose computers could use a boost? Share this giveaway with them!

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I like all Auslogics Software!

Great product

Great software to speed up the PC

Looks like a real interseting product

I love the software! Used the trial and it really sped up my computer.

Old school say annual license is no good. What happened to buy program and keep for life? Maybe OK for youth but old man say use open source buy nice recliner for $600.

Everybody needs this!! Top quality programs!

I would like to try this product to see how effective it might be in speeding up mu computer.

Wow, great utility, would be wonderful if I;m lucky with the giveaway!!!

It 's a fine tool equiped with many-many interesting features.

Great Software, waiting to win!

Great Comp, Great Software.

I've been waiting for a new clean up programme like this for a while. There are programmes of this nature already out there, but they seem a little dated and jaded.
Boostspeed 8 looks like it ticks all of the boxes and I am very keen to try it.

I like all Auslogics Software

Up untill now, i don't like PC scanning softwares, but to day, i decide to try one - BoostSpeed - from Auslogic - because of the reference of Megaleech. Thanks all of you, i'll try it and i'll send some feedbacks!

Great software coming out of downunder

only use Auslogics software

Thanks A Lot For Giveways, i used this program long before but due to not having properly licensed key i gave up/

would like to have a geninue key.

I have heard that Auslogics software is a useful one. It is one of the best PC tuneup software there is. I wanna try this.

this is so exciting.

By seeing the features mentioned above the app looks great.

Great piece of software that wil keep my computer in tip top shape!

Will be excited to try out this tools to speed up my pc.

Looking forward to try out the tools to speed up my pc.

My little laptop is a bit slow. Would love this product, especially System Advisor. Thanks!

I would like to get one :)

psychogingerbeer's picture

Disabled Veteran need my comp. to reach the world this product keeps my comp. running real smooth cannot afford hiccups need to communicate and keep up with news, music,etc.

This is one of the best.

please give without any context......
that all context are time taken...

Nice one megaleecher! Looking forward to results

This software is amazing!

I would use it an my one program to clean , maintain and secure erase my pc!

I work with this program over five years. Really powerful, useful and needful. I like Tweak Manager. Thanks for this nice contest! Regards.

I have cleaned out a lot of "pc boost" viruses over the years some that require other service most that just implicate a boost but install malware, spyware and PUP .. I am very skeptical about using booster and cleaners. I do it the old fashion way which is through run and msconfig or through the register if you know what you are doing and know your way around.

I will be using a handy tool that regularly checks my computer for potential tweaks or upgrades that might help it run better and faster.

I wuldlike to use a scheduler to Speed up you PC and clean up your web browsers


It's Doctor of PC

Great giveaway

Thanks for this giveaway

vulliw's picture


I have already installed and finding it well designed, really powerful and useful.

I have a feeling that this will be the best product to clean windows. It looks promising. Waiting to try it

I've been using separate apps to do many of the functions that are contained in BoostSpeed8. It will be great to have them all in one package. Although I have a need for most of the tools, the file shredder will get the most use since I have a lot of client data on my machine. The ability to have the program tell me when I can do a hardware upgrade for better performance is awesome!

vulliw's picture

nice program !!!

I have a feeling that this will be the best product to clean windows. It looks promising. Waiting to try it

i use the free version. i love it but i want the full!

The competition is now over and the winners are announced in the widget above, an email has been sent to winners with further instructions if you are one of the winner and has not received the same do contact back here.

I received the Key. Thanks you

Thank you very much for the key. Really excited to try.

I really need this stuff..

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