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Creating Bootable Kaspersky Rescue USB Disk

Virus's can get real nasty and make your Operating System unbootable, in such cases the user is left with only two choices either to format and re-install the operating system or to use a bootable anti-virus cleaner for removing the virus infection, obviously the second option is the preferred one, almost all major anti-virus companies provide bootable rescue disk's for removal of such stubborn virus infections, Kaspersky Rescue Disk is one of the best bootable anti-virus rescue disk out there with an fully functional option to download latest anti-virus definitions updates from internet, the free rescue disk GUI is similar to Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 allowing users to remove virus's and malware's via a familiar interface without booting into Windows.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk

If you don't have CD/DVD booting functionality or would prefer USB disk as the bootable medium, here is a simple step-by-step guide for creating bootable Kaspersky Rescue USB Disk:

I tried several USB bootable disk creation procedure's but none worked, finally after quite some research I was able to figure out this working method.

  1. Download Kaspersky Bootable Rescue Disk ISO image from the official FTP site here.
  2. Download the Gentoo Linux Bootable USB Maker.
  3. Extract downloaded above, and Copy kav_rescue_2008.iso downloaded in step 1 to to the newly extracted GentooUSB folder as shown below.
    Kaspersky Bootable USB
  4. Double-click and launch fixgt2.bat and enter the USB drive-letter to format and create bootable disk, pay attention here as entering wrong drive letter will result in OS or Data partition getting wiped out.
  5. Gentoo Linux Bootable USB
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and your bootable Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk will be ready in minutes.

To use the bootable USB disk, simply plugin the USB disk and choose USB as the first boot option from system BIOS or use F8 key during BIOS screen for booting options if your motherboard supports it.


Thanks, nice tip.

pl guide me how to update virus database in usb disk

You can use the offline updater tricks discussed below :

I tried to update using the tricks but it didn't work.
Anyone knows how to update the usb database?

What if I need to boot from a CD and not a USB device.
not all i386 systems can from USB

To make Kaspersky Bootable CD just burn the iso image shared above on a CD using Nero or any other cd burner software.


If you have KAV or KIS installed on your system or any friend's PC, just use the distribution folder to get them on your desktop and copy them to your bootable USB stick and ur done.

where is the distribution folder. I didnt found at KAV installation folder.

Do i need to extract the files from the iso image? to burn it onto a disk or just the zipfile unopened?

2 things:
The fixgt2.bat only supports drive letter from d: to k:, which is bad, because my flash drive was m:
I did change it to h:, but a lot of unskilled users can't.

I made the Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk and booted a computer with it.
It went fine until it got to load dhcpcd. After about 20 sek it startet to shut down, without any notice and without scanning the computer, so this USB Rescue Disk is worthless.

I tried this and it worked fine, if its not working for you doesn't mean its worthless for others also.


Just change the letter of desired drive at windows Control and Settings Panel/Administration/Disks (Drives) ...

Sorry, i realy dont know how those menu items named in english version of Windows, but i think its clear and ok to understand what i mean.

All says (here) that Kaspersky is more powerfull than Dr.Web.
But LiveCD and customer service are better in Dr.Web!

So try Dr.Web Live CD. Its easy to download, burn it to USB FLASH with any burning program and it$ free!

right-click the fix2.bat. select edit. you can read through the programming code, its not hard to understand, its only in batch file.. then, u can add letter "m" to the selections..

Tested succesfully.

Use UNetBootin to build your KAV2009 rescue usb stick.

Download unetbootin from, launch it, select Diskimage, enter the path of your KAV iso, click OK, done.

When you boot from your usb stick, you'll see Unetbootin menu with some entries.

The right one is "rescue".

If you leave your pc unattended, it will loop around the "Default" option.

To avoid this, open up syslinux.cfg with a text editor, modify first lines from this:

default vesamenu.c32
prompt 0
menu title UNetBootIn
timeout 100
label unetbootindefault
menu label Default
kernel /ubnkern
append initrd=/ubninit root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc looptype=squashfs loop=/image.squashfs cdroot quiet
label ubnentry0
menu label rescue
kernel /isolinux/rescue
append initrd=/isolinux/rescue.igz root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc looptype=squashfs loop=/image.squashfs cdroot quiet

to this:

default vesamenu.c32
prompt 0
menu title Kaspersky Rescue 2009
timeout 100
label unetbootindefault
menu label Default
kernel /isolinux/rescue
append initrd=/isolinux/rescue.igz root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc looptype=squashfs loop=/image.squashfs cdroot quiet
#kernel /ubnkern
#append initrd=/ubninit root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc looptype=squashfs loop=/image.squashfs #cdroot quiet
label ubnentry0
menu label rescue
kernel /isolinux/rescue
append initrd=/isolinux/rescue.igz root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc looptype=squashfs loop=/image.squashfs cdroot quiet

Now your usb stick will complete boot even if it's unattended.

Hope this helps.


Does the steps above allows the virus database updates to be saved (persistent changes)?


asking about kernal or somting for linux ...

Thanks for this solution.


Upon attemting to boot from the flash drive: (Created with Gentooo as per instructions)

'Could not find kernal image: linux"

So, fail. ;<

Thanks 4 this tips.
I've been searching another solution than cd boot n i got this.
And it easy to build.

Thank you very much, everythink is perfect!

The ftp link doesn't work any longer, and Kaspersky seems to have removed the file from the relevant directory at:

Can the same techniques be used to make bootable USB drives with ISO files from other antivirus programs? Avira makes a rescue program at:

When I run fixgt2.bat and type in the drive letter of flash drive, It says the drive letter you entered was not recognized. Please give me solution

I don't know why it show me that kind of error message
I entered right drive letter, but it show sme
"you entered not recoginzed drive letter"

I have the same problem...


It'll only "recognize" drive letters between D and K if your USB drive is a different letter you'll have to edit the fixgt2.bat file to "recognize" it.

Is anyone finding that the link for the Gentoo Bootable USB maker isnt download correctly? I only get 487kbs then the download says it is finished and then when i try to open the archive WinRar says that its broken. Any else have this problem? Is there any chance that you could mirror it somewhere else a .zip that is full so that i could download it? Thank you alot.

I am finding the same problem - did you find a solution?

Yeah, I got that weird little file too when I unzipped the downloaded Gentoo file. But then I just added .zip to the end of that little extracted file, tried unzipping it, and poof! That's where the needed Gentoo stuff was, just like its shown above. Just have to unzip the unzipped file, if that makes sense.

Read more:

Super nice tip. Had to track down the rescue ISO, but it worked like a charm. Thank u!

Can someone explain how to update KRD antivirus database?When I try to update I get error messages "Could not find update server"?

I'm having the same problem. The KRD boots up fine, but the database update fails.
In my case, the network card is not installed in the old linux kernel.
ipconfig returns only the loop is existing.
ifconfig eth0 fails (no device)
so unless someone finds a way to install a simple, but new NIC, we both cannot update our database...

hello i will try more then 50 time but all time i got damaged winrar achive of Gentoo Linux Bootable USB Maker plz reupload it i think ur winrar achive are currept plz reupload its urgent.

After you have your Rescue Disk running from USB, start it up with ethernet, and do the updates.
Open File Manager (provided in menu)and navigate to last folder called Var/KL/ and copy 'bases_rd' to Drives/c:
Boot back into windows or OS and reneame 'bases' on USB to say 'bases_old' copy 'bases_rd' from c:\ to USB and rename to bases.
If you restart Rescue, and click on updates, you will find the status 'Up to date".
My only concern was whether it contained the parent virus list file (say .xml) which points to all the updates, I ran it and it found a virus that SAV had placed in Quarantine. It also said 'Up to date' and the dir structure is the same, so I am quite sure its all good.



Upon attempting to boot from the flash drive: (Created with Gentooo as per instructions)
got the message:

Could not find kernel image: linux


please help me with this problem


I'm having the same problem. I had done this before with no probs several months ago. But I'm now having the same problem w/ could not find kernel image. tried running batch files again w/same results. will attempt to download iso just in case.

Same problem.
A solution?


I've seen that structure of KIS10 and KIS08 aren't the same.
It seems that the error comes from that.
Maybe copying the structure from KIS08 on the KIS10 can solve the problem.
I'll try when I've time to do it.

Bests regards.

Kaspersky released their own tool:

You can download KAV2010 Rescue disk, and a utility to copy it to USB.

Yes but it work just on USB stick and not USB disk.

thanx mbouy

How do I get it to start scanning from start? There is no choice, just floppy, HDD and network!

You must burn it to a disc.

Kaspersky has their own USB boot tool. It works on the same concept but better (no batch file or questions). You can find it here ...

* Always make sure you can even boot to USB before wasting your time.

I could not get the USB Boot Tool to work on my Dell OptiPlex PC's. I finally found unetbootin. There may be better tools, but this definitely worked for me. With the Rescue2USB program, the rescue program would automatically run in Text mode with no Graphical User interface and it seemed to lock. As mentioned the Unebootin program created a useable boot disk using the same downloaded iso file and allowed selection of the Graphical Interface, although slightly different then the CD version, it was still easy to select the proper Graphical Interface configuration. I accidentally stumbled on this program as it is recommended for the Avira USB Rescue Disk. I used the same instructions.

I have a ransomware virus that had created a boot loop and I couldn't boot up my DEll latitude d630. I downloaded the files and created the rescue program on to a usb. I started laptop and went to boot menu, selected the usb, got the updates, and started the scans. I went thru and found some files which it said to delete them. I then did the reboot from the rescue program as it said, it said to remove the usb when it started to reboot and not to puch any buttons until it got to the windows screen. I got a black screen with INIT: sending processes the kill signal, it had several items listed:
deactivating swap devices...
stopped spind...
stopped pwgen...
and several others, on the right side of screen it had a [ok] across from the list. It has stopped here on this screen and has been here overnite. What do I do next? Ican't even turn it off now.?? Thanks for any help you can offer.

Just power-off (unplug electricity or battery), remove the kaspersky boot disk and boot.

Its a very informative blog, sometimes the anti virus affect the system and how can we remove this is the most important thing. There are many type of ways you can remove the virus and function your system very smoothly. Kasper sky rescue disc is one of the best bootable anti-virus rescue disk out there with an fully functional option to download latest anti-virus definitions updates from internet.

created usb but when booting it says could not find kernel image, please help.

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