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How to Find Information About Someone with Just Their Address

Have you ever come across an address and wondered who lives there? Whether you're trying to reconnect with a friend or gather information on a pending issue, knowing someone using the location you need to find out more about can be really valuable. 

With the help of the internet and some handy techniques, you will find that it is quite easy to know more about someone who is connected to a particular place.

We will explore some of the best methods that you can access through an address and use to uncover more about someone. Keep reading to see what we mean!

How to Learn More About a Person By Only Having Their Address?

1) Perform a Reverse Address Lookup

A reverse address lookup on Nuwber is an effective way to find information about a person. 

Nuwber is a people search website that provides details about US citizens. You can easily find someone’s contact information, relatives, social media profiles, and more with just a simple reverse address lookup.

Nuwber’s database has 118 million addresses, which makes it a fast and convenient resource. 

2) Turn to Social Media

Social media profiles from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., are also great when trying to know more about a person. A simple search for their location on social media can reveal other information about their profile, friends, followers, interests, and hobbies.

However, when trying to know a person better through their location on social media, you should respect their privacy and not misuse any information you find.

3) Google

What can be easier than just googling the address? The search engine can provide you with plenty of search results that have much to say about people who live in a certain location. What’s more, Google Maps will let you know how this place looks. Isn’t the age of technology wonderful? 

4) Check Public Library Resources

Public libraries are a source of information when it comes to uncovering details about someone based on their location. They provide access to a range of databases, archives, and research materials that can offer insights into a person's history, hobbies, and beyond. 

In fact, public libraries hold a vast amount of knowledge just waiting to be explored, including newspapers, historical records, genealogy resources, and community directories.

What Can You Find Out Just By Looking Up Someone’s Address?

Whether you’re using a reverse address lookup, social media, Google, or public library resources, there are plenty of details that you can uncover. Among the most common ones are:

1) Business Records

You can get insights into the particular kind of business or partnership someone is involved in. You can get these details and others like company names, financial records, and ownership information.

These details are essential because they can give you a better understanding of what a person is doing business-wise and reveal their professional connections.

2) Hobbies

Let’s say you are researching your neighbors to know them better. Well, only address is enough. The Internet can easily help you find what these people are interested in. It can give you a better understanding of what they like doing in their free time. 

Social media makes it super easy to find out what people are up to, but if the only thing you know is the address, it will be enough to find all the necessary details.

3) Voter Registration Records

From these records, you can get more knowledge of people’s political affiliations as well as contact information and voting history.

A simple location search can uncover more than enough information about their interests and background.

4) Criminal Records

Running a search of a person’s residence can also reveal their criminal records and other past activities they have been convicted of.  If they have had any legal issues in the past or criminal charges, you will find it all in their criminal records. These records can give you valuable insights into a person’s past and present character so you can make a more informed decision.

However, this information is quite sensitive, and you should approach the use of this data with respect for people’s privacy. Criminal records have a significant impact on a person’s life, and some people would rather leave such a past behind them.

5) Employment History

Another bit of information a person’s location can reveal is their employment history. Work experience can give you an idea of the skills, qualifications, and professional background of whoever you are trying to know better.

Other facts you may uncover are job titles, previous employers, and places they have worked in. With this knowledge, you can know where the person is headed career-wise and the areas they specialize in.

6) Contact Information

Let’s say you know someone's address but don’t feel like knocking on the door to ask something. An easy and effective way is to perform a reverse address lookup to find people’s contact details. With just a location, you can find someone’s email address or phone number. 

7) Date of Birth

If the person you would like to find information about didn’t mention their date of birth on their social media platforms, their address can quickly help you locate it. Whether it’s a friend you have known for a while and don’t want to look embarrassed or an acquaintance you barely know, wishing someone a happy birthday is a sign of respect.

The Bottomline

It’s the age of technology, and it means that nowadays all you need is just a piece of someone’s information. In our case, it’s an address. The possibilities are endless if all you want to do is get more info about an individual. 

A reverse address lookup, social media, Google, and public library resources can be your best friends when you need to find information about someone with just their place of living.

Remember, however, that if you find something sensitive or too personal, it’s always better to avoid spreading this information for the sake of another person’s privacy. Just because something is lying out there, it doesn’t mean that the whole world should know about it.

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