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Create Your Own Custom Linux Distro Online Fast And Simple

Linux DistroNow, you don't need to be an hardcore programmer to create your own custom Linux distro - thanks to the team at SUSE Studios anybody is able to rollout their custom Linux distro with own customizations, selection of software's and branding within minutes via a simple to use online interface.

Customizing Your Own Linux Distro

Creating a custom Linux appliance is a simple process, after registration you can create custom distros with ability to select OS base, desktop environment, architecture, software's, configuration, overlay files, user-accounts, databases and scripts, once configured you can queue your distro for compilation and download it in format of your choice - Live CD/DVD, VMware image, HDD/USB image or Xen virtual image.

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thanks for the good post..

Thanks I will definetly give this a try at my cybercafe.

really a nice thing to know i love open SUSE a lot & it would help me a lot to choose my own loved application

thanks a lot
really a lot

god bless u


really nice of u

Seems to be it needs account which can be created by invitation only...
do you have account on there? pls send me invite to at gmail com

I use ubuntu linux, whether it can also be used for any linux.



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