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50 Free USA PPTP VPN Accounts For Early Birds

Anonymous VPN services are not only used to hide surfing habits but also come-in handy for users struggling with internet censorship, we have provided numerous free VPN accounts under various giveaways and here is another chance to grab 50 free USA VPN accounts from, to participate just post a comment with your email address filled-in and first fifty entries will win the prize.

TrafficVPN Server Configuration
Why have a VPN account?

* Security for Hotspot Wireless Access Users
* Home Internet Users - Cable and DSL providers are well known for not filtering their network from exploits!
* International Internet Users - Governments would like to prevent users from enjoying the Internet, with a USA IP there are no controls!
* Easy online ordering when you travel - Many order forms on the Internet will automatically block certain countries from even ordering.
* Bypass ISP Blocking for VOIP Applications like Skype
* Full anonymity by hiding your real IP.
* Unlike a proxy, you get secured connection for all programs you are using, (e.g ICQ, Email, FTP, News and anything that uses a Internet Connection)
* American Based Unique Personal Fixed USA & Euro IP's
* Anonymous Internet Surfing
* Play any USA or Europe online games
* Bypass geographical blocks from certain websites
* Protection against your ISP

USA Proxy VPN Allows You To Enjoy Unrestricted Access To Following Services From Other Countries

Do note that there is no lucky draw here, first fifty commenters get a free one-month USA VPN account from


interested in testing vpn service
preferably ue vpn


Dial-Up Phonebook

Would love to get the free account.

hi.nice article! hope I can get 1 ..

i hope i get one

Nice offer, will be cool to try out

this is why i check this site daily!

Thanks.Great giveaway!

Free account FTW


Yes, hope i get one.

Thanks. I use alot of wifi hotspots, so this will definitely come in handy protecting my information from hackers.



I would like to have one. Thank you.

Free always sounds good :)

Free VPN a/c please!

Free VPN Account

This looks neat! I'd really appreciate one!

Home I get one!

Would be great to have one of these...

Can I have one please?

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I'd like an account!

i love megaleecher

Awesome, I'd love to give this a try!

I'm in ! My e-mail is in the respective field.

Count me in. :-)

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looks interesting!

I want one.

It is a vry goog site.

Please give me one account...Thanks

i`m in , whould rly need it :D

Sign me up please! I've been trying out a few VPNs here and there.

I like to give this service a go,


haha.nice! can i get one? tq

My email is

i badly need a VPN service mostly for Voip and to access few blocked sites., if i can get one of those 50 accounts i'll be really grateful


plz send me account

hi reports for freebe ; )



!! yes


Hello, I kindly request one if still available...?

RSFeeding this site sure does have its upsides (:


bigfilez @

I'm not spam, I'm schonkeren.

a very nice offer

I really need one VPN, the rewards for who have it's amazing.

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I love VPN!

Does this really work? I can't use Hulu from where I am.

Count me in. I would love to have it.

I would really like to have one .... thanks

Hi, I would like a VPN account please since I never have one. Thank you

would like an account!!

i would like an account!

Maybe I've got luck this time and can try the vpn from;-)

I WANA ONE BRO...........

free account plz

Hope that I could get one.

6th entry, waiting for the prize

please sent me one key thank you sir.

i want to try it


i give a try too

Thank you for this great offer

is my message up?

Offer is nice I hope I get one.

Looks to be very useful for me in the future.
I would love a free account.

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So. How we get this one ?

Nice and cool offer. Thanks

amazing offer, i am looking for a good vpn at the moment anyway

hadopi thanks you

That's cool, I like to try.

Very Nice, Offer. Count me in!

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i would love to give it a try , thanks for this megaleechers :-)

thanks for d giveaway. Thanx a lot

VPN is good for unrestricted Access to many US video offers! I want to have one free account!


I'm so glad I bookmarked this site.

Would love one.

Thanks for this great offer....

Great Giveaway.. I always wished for a VPN

wow this is awesome I want one!
(thank you RSS feeds)

cool, I want one!
(hope i didn't double post, my web browser, is acting funny)

I want one!
my browser has been acting strange lately, so sorry if I posted multible times :(

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I would like to get a free account.


I would love one!

worth trying

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I'd really like to try this to see if it solves some of my problems accessing certain sites from outside the US.

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that's i am looking for (USA vpn) thanks boss

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It's a nice offer.

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Yay! :D
Please mail me the details! :D

i need vpn account....there are some nice videoweb's in usa

Useful those days, thanks for the contest

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Hi this is an wonderful offer!
Just awaiting it

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Nice to get something for free

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Thank you.

My email is: scykei at hotmail dot com

wow sounds like fun!
I would also like an account!

Excellent criteria free for early birds. Will be great to try out.


I want this offer
thnks so much

I hope i can get one to try it out

boon for me if lucky to get one4 of the license for this vpn service and will say that "privacy is flare when vpn is here"

u guys rule

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thanks a lot. I need this vpn very much.

I would appreciate a free account

thanks a lot

With so many VPN services out there,it becomes increasingly difficult to weed out the 'reals' from the 'fakes'.They often start out well and in the end,the services just degrade.I have a feeling that this one will be different though.......,can't wait to try it out!!
best regards.!

i can get one

my email is thanks

I like be one of the 50 Free USA PPTP VPN Accounts For Early Birds candidate . And thanks for awesome giveaway !!!!

This would be great to have since I live in China and I really need a good VPN!

Would love to win one

i would like 1 too......i m thirsty of getting a vpn account from 1 year or so.......

awesome article!!

It's a great idea. I need one as our internet is heavily sensored

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nice post...

this is nice chance to learn VPN technology free

Would love to test it. Will buy it if the speed is good.

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This is a great offer to test.

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Looking forward on and hope is better that other VPN service, thanks in advance admin.

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never used one, love to try out!

wow, that is generous!
Especially since it is an american vpn

Hi, doesnt look like my last post went through
It's very generous of you!

it would be great help if i get vpn account.Thanks in advance

I hope i Get One !!

I want to try it out. Can it bypass China firewall?

this is really a great offer i hope i will qualify to win one,thanks alot....


Nice! Would love to get the VPN

Always interested in testing new VPN would love to get this

what do i do with it?

thanks hope i win

Uhhhh yea. I'm one of those 50! :))

Please give me free USA VPN account.

its interesting, hope i'll get it...

Hey i want the Vpn account please!!! :) i hope i get it!!

It would be nice.

what a great chance! can I get it?

Hey i already commented and it didnt register and i wasnt logged in either. its a nice offer and i never have won any giveaways. and i really want a vpn and i would be the happiest guy if i get a free acount. thank you love u

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Hey i like 2 get one!
tnx a lot!

I hope my inbox will be lucky. :D Nice giveaway again. Sweeeet. :D

Like the offer, thx.
Second time trying to comment but it doesn't seem to show-up?

interesting offer, thanks :D

Man i could really use one of these to stop my provider from slowing me down at the more popular torrent sites as well as the political ones that i visit.I'm short on bucks to purchase the service though.
Here's hoping

thank you for that

count me

I hope I get one
Thanks for u

can you give me an account?thank you very much. has not stopped to impress me for a long time; not only there have been so many interesting topics that I learned from, but there are plenty of utilities and tools that we could benefit from. This PPTP VPN is just another example. I would be happy to receive an account please.

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Hi, I would like one of the USA VPN accounts from

MegaLeecher rocks!!!

Keep up the great work.

Hi guys, I hope to get your offer soon

Thank you for providing such cool offers..
and also thank you for posting many useful info


This is very useful for me!


Really hoping that i am early enough to win this.

Thank you ML team, please email me my account details. Thanks!

See how lucky we are. Anything to stop big brother from whatching where we go...

Good Offer, Really I am searching for One Like this

So Cool !!!!
I hope I could get One...

to have one. Thanks.

Always love trying a new VPN!!

i'd like one very much please

willing to surf on proxy

hope im still in time for the giveaway! :)

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Great updates from your site and thanks for this giveaway!

cool just what i need thanks

Would like to use the free VPN. Will it require MS Sharepoint?

I will be happy to get

Sounds interesting be cool to try out.


I would like to try this.

Hey, I love your site and am subscribed to recieve email updates, mind if I have one?, thanks!

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Something new to try.

I hope I get one because I want to use VPN to some restricted sites.
would like one ^_^

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I'd love to try this service. I opened an account at and it doesn't work for me!

thanks for the giveaway.

Hi, I would like a VPN account.Thank you

i need one~please~

Great Giveaway from Megaleecher. :)

and VPN helps in lot of ways.

Would be great-full to have one account.


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i am interested plz give me 1 account .

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I don't have time to count how many posts came before me but I hope I'm one of the first 50 people... :D I really need a good and free vpn service now.. Thanks in advance!

hope toget a free vpn account as well....thnx... get hold of a free VPN...

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Would love one free account to try out! :-)

enventa.victor (at) gmail (dot) com

Am I late? of curse! anyway nice offer

I REallyh WAnt one: thanks

Can I have one?


Thanks for yhis information

i think so i will get 1.

I would like one.

It's too late?

Still available? The one am using now is terrible. The connection constantly drops for no apparent reason. Thanks.

Can I habe one?

VPN Help Us For Free Life..In Any Country As Like My Country.


Count me in!

How much important the vpn is I know when you can't access to best sites like youtube, and facebook.

For 6 year I'm daily reading it hoping for something new megaleecher gave so much and I'm eternally grateful to them. If I had account I will be access to my favourite site youtube.

Govt. banned in our country...

THank You,
Megaleecher Team.

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Hi dear admin ,
I would like a VPN account,Thank you .

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Would anyone please help me to have a VPN?! Most of the websites has filtered here!!!

Need an invite :)

Hi there. I would love to receive this list.

Thank you

Hi, i'll love to be invited

I have been looking for a good VPN. I would love to get in to this offer. Thanks.

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Please I have the FEDS knocking down my door practically looking into all my stuff tracking my every move. Or perhaps it's my schizophrenia. Oh well Can you help this old boy out.

Appreciate it much.


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Hi there,

I hope still not too late to reqeust for a free vpn account. Thanks.

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My Email:
Thanks a lot.

it is very good

If they're still available, I'd love to get one. Thank you!

i realy need a vpn Account.
please send me one.

Can i please have one cuz i need it to connect to vpn cuz im using vpn to enter a game that blocks my ip

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Need to setup a GV account and I love pandora. Can I still get one of those account? Pls. Let me know.

i live in iran
and vpn is urgent for me
hope to get a free account

i want free vpn user name 7 password

This is really a awesome and helpful post for all guys. Can I get one please?


It this offer is still open, I wud like to have one.. :)

Hello if there are still some left i'm also interested in getting one.

It this offer is still open, I wud like to have one


thanks to you.


i live in iran
and vpn is urgent for me
hope to get a free account

i realy need a vpn Account.
please send me one.

Luring! I believe I´m one of the early birds :) Thank you for the free account.

I reside in Iran and almost all websites are filtered even file hosting websites and it's speed is near dial up so please give a vpn, thanks

i need a free vpn acount, please help me

im from iran and i need a free vpn acount, please help me

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my name is hossein
user pass

can i have vpn account??..please..i need it to play a game..

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