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iPhone And iPod Touch Firmware Updated To Version 2.2, Download Now

As rumored earlier iPhone Firmware 2.2 is now available for download via iTunes to general users, apart from several new features and performance improvements the new update fixes critical security vulnerabilities and is being labeled as a "essential update" by Apple.

iPhone Firmware Update 2.2

The new firmware update brings the following new features:

  • Google Street View with public transit and walking directions with handy option to share location via email.
  • Mail improvements like better formatting of wide HTML email with resolved issues with scheduled fetching of emails.
  • Availability of millions of free podcasts from your device.
  • Performance and stability improvements to Safari.
  • Handy option to turn text auto-correction on and off from the Keyboard Settings.
  • Now pressing the Home button from many Home screen takes you to the first Home screen.
  • Decrease in call setup failures and dropped calls.
  • Better sound quality of Visual Voicemail messages

If you are using Jailbroken or Unlocked iPhone, upgrading to this version is not recommended as iPhone Dev Team is yet to hack this new update, also, some users are reporting failure of Hack SIM's after upgrading to this version.

To upgrade your iPhone or iPod Touch to OS version 2.2 firmware, you need to download and install iTunes 8 or later from Apple, and follow these simple upgrade instructions.

If you are an advanced users you can download the .ipsw files directly from Apple and manually update your phone:


Thanks, was waiting for this, downloading now.


Already broken. 2.2~pwned. Just installed thanks to your jump on the .ipsw. Thanks!

PwnageTool 2.2 for Mac OS X is -

QuickPwn 2.2 for Mac OS X is -


using quickpwn how does one go about using the ipsw since it is a zip file. when unzip all i get is numerous files and folders

dont unzip the ispw file just go into itunes hold down shift while clicking update and select the ispw file the update is ensue.


I follow your guidance but cannt get it restore. Pls help

I have an Ipod touch with version 1.1.5 and i have no idea which link should i download the Iphone 2G or the other Iphone 3G ?

Hello - have a mac with a 1G iphone and downloaded BL-39.bin - when I run Pwn 2.1 and get to where it asks for bootloader 3.9 it says it can't find it - when i manually browse to the BL-39.bin file it says its not the proper file . . . . I tried to unstuff the BL-39.bin but stuffit says it is not a compressed file . . . please help

i just upgraded my iphone 3g to version 2.2 and my sim is all fucked up whay cant no one call me and me call no 1 fuckin doing my head in I NEED HELP NOW PLEASE>> i need 2 call and i need people 2 call me .. NOW PLESE HELP HELP HELP

Nobody is going to help you, perhaps you could learn to write in the meanwhile

Nobody is going to help you, perhaps you could learn to write in the meanwhile.

is there one for ipod touch?

got just what I needed thanks!

So when I tried to upgrade it by shift clicking the upgrade button, it gave me an error halfway through updating it. I solved the problem by shift clicking the restore option, and choosing the downloaded file. This worked for me. Just posting this in case something similar happens to someone else.

thanks alot

thx verey mach

Which site is the better for iphone official ios latest version download
Pls give me any link or website i am waiting for your replay

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