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The Science Behind Flatulence On Airplanes !!!

Science and technology has touched every aspect of our lives, humans have created huge machines which can fly and while enjoying a ride on one; you must have encountered those smelly farts on airplanes either as a producer or consumer. Scientists have finally researched the phenomenon and suggested use of technology to encounter this social menace. Do read the entertaining but factual information shared below.



Active Charcoal doesn't stay active forever and the likelihood of it being replaced regularly by airlines cannot be relied upon so the remedy is rather pointless.
If man can place astronauts on the Moon surely it is not unreasonable to fit each seat on an aeroplane with a fart sensing device controlling an extraction fan duct that vacuums fart gasses out of the seat swab away to an area where they can be vented outside of the plane.
Even a cadet engineer could design this.

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