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Girlfriends Always Win at Texting !!!

Bing Vs Google : The Difference Of Opinion

Bing Vs Google

The End Of Internet : We Are Doomed

The End Of Internet

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Smartass !!!

Pls. God.....

apt-get wife !!!!


Microsoft Windows 8 Source Code Leaked Online

Microsoft Windows 8 has quite a lot of criticism both in forms of serious reviews and funny rants. Here is another one to enjoy detailing "What's new in Microsoft Windows 8", based on the recently leaked Microsoft Windows 8 source code. Pls. click the read more link below to view the full Windows 8 source code available at Pastebin.

The Science Behind Flatulence On Airplanes !!!

Science and technology has touched every aspect of our lives, humans have created huge machines which can fly and while enjoying a ride on one; you must have encountered those smelly farts on airplanes either as a producer or consumer. Scientists have finally researched the phenomenon and suggested use of technology to encounter this social menace. Do read the entertaining but factual information shared below.


[Video] How Guys Will Use Google Glass - The future is coming ladies, sorry about that....

When Google Glass finally gets in hands of general users, it can be either a huge hit or a dramatic fail. Here's an interesting watch on how future dating will be with guys using Google Glass.

[Video] - Internet Explorer 9 Commercial - The Honest version

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 has been a huge improvement to it's ancestors, it's faster, sleeker, feature rich and good looking. Microsoft advertised IE9 as a faster and future technology proof application with smooth animations and HTML5 magic. Now, here is a funny parody take on that commercial labelled "Internet Explorer 9 Commercial - The Honest version".

IE9 Commercial
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