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Download Firefox 2008 !

Firefox 2008 LogoI was browsing Firefox forums and found this post where users are reporting how they got ripped off into paying $68.83 to download the free web-browser Mozilla Firefox, The fraudulent website claimed to provide Firefox 2008 web-browser similar to the Google Earth 2008 scam reported earlier.

Firefox 2008

Clicking the download button takes users to the signup option where users are asked to pay for the download.

Firefox 2008 Pay & Download

Further, investigation seems to point fingers at the same people behind the "Google Earth 2008" scam as shown below.

Fake Firefox 2008



What's so funny ???

the fact people are dumb enough to fall for these things? very funny indeed, but in need of punishment threw copyright law! =]

.....not as funny as people who can't even spell "through" wasting time posting comments in public , instead of trying to GET AN EDUCATION!

haha. thank you grammar police for your useless input.

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 12/11/2008 - 00:27:

You suck!
That crap would not be funny if it were to happen to you.
You are so childish and ignorant. Also, no you can't spell. Are you 5 years old or something?
So LOL on you.

I don't give a crap what you say back to me because your ignorance is showing, and guess what? I don't give a crap about idiots who talk just to be talking, which is what you are doing.
P.S. Get a life.

says the person coming back here as much as I am to continue this argument. Oh and to help ease your need to make someone feel like less of a human being then you, go pick on some children. Although I feel you already do that.

If you are so into being the grammar police, do us all a favor and stop using "lol" then will you? Kind of contradictory.

Thanks for the laugh mate.

Oh and to finish what I was saying on subject. These people really do need to be taken to court by Mozilla, for the obvious infringement on their copyrighted material.

Let us all hope Mozilla handles this before anymore dumb people fall for it without googling "firefox" itself and seeing it is free. Ignorance must really, in the end, be bliss.

crap O_O!! it's 3.5 only
why the hell to pay 4 an open source =))

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