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Free VPN Clients To Access Restricted Content & Surf The Web Anonymously

If your ISP blocks access to certain websites and services or if you are looking to bypass country specific restrictions to use services like Hulu and Pandora, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) would be the best solution, majority VPN services are paid but today I will be sharing two free VPN services which gets the job done.

AlwaysVPN is a new free VPN service currently in BETA offering secure anonymous connection through their servers via VPN clients for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu / Debian) , the service seems to allow unlimited traffic as it does not mention any limits on how much traffic can be used, However, advertising is shown on top of every webpage browsed through the AlwaysVPN network.

Note : Not Free Anymore.


HotSpot Shield is another popular free VPN service offering clients for all major operating systems, unlike AlwaysVPN Hotspot Shield limits traffic to a maximum of 3 GB over a 30 days period.

Hotspot Shield

Don't forget to uncheck the option to install conduit toolbar while installing HotSpot Shield to be on the safe-side.


Thanks, these VPN's are perfect for free usage.

thank you too much

AlwaysVPN isnt free...

Confirm... HotspotShield seems to be the best so far...

Couple more for you:

1. offers free (ad-supported) and paid VPN accounts. I've used them often for a month now, and they are stable; did not konk out in middle of surfing; and when there was a 'squid' issue they were congenial about solving it; they support even the free accounts in their forum. Also, they didn't send me a sign-up email, though they took my email address, so that adds to privacy. Sometimes the ads get on my nerves, so I switch to cyberghost (below) when I have work to do:

2. offers free (basic) and paid VPN. Bit of a slow start each time, but ad-free 95% of the time, just one big ad of theirs for their own service every hour or so.

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P.S. I used the 7-day free trial and then 1 month of paid GoTrusted last year. It overpowered my laptop, added huge delay to my laptop start-up, lots of crashes; and finally, the government wifi in the public library intercepted my GoTrusted, repeatedly cut me off; when I persisted, they just the wifi service down for 2 days, and when it came back up, GoTrusted couldn't get on. The city had intercepted and blocked GoTrusted. Also, all the IPs GoTrusted funneled me through belonged to Amazon Books in the USA, so how professional is that? And how untraceable?

This recommendation is brought to you by:
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New user- not able to figure out downloading link, kindly let me about downloading links/link.

hotspot shield doesnt bypass windows media player's geo check. please help or give suggestions.

Please mail me some one the free VPN for my personal use, i can not go to Hotspot shield and it is it self blocked by proxy,


vpn proxy


This works :)

In a blocked country, can't get go directly to the website, I had to use a browser proxy to bypass and get the download but when I downloaded the file - it has no extension associated with it, what program do I use to open it for install? Can you help?

I used free VPN services before, but found some major speed/bw limitations ,and they only have a handful of servers. Now I switched to this VPN service:, it`s faster, more servers to choose from, the big downside is that it`s a paid service...

List of Free VPN 2015 you can find here and choose the best one as per your budget and requirements.

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