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Watch Higher Quality Videos On YouTube

YouTube has started testing higher quality videos, all videos are not yet available in higher resolutions but should in the upcoming days, to try things out you need to append a special parameter to the existing video URL, appending &fmt=6 to the URL delivers a 448x336 resolution version of the video and appending &fmt=18 delivers a even better 480x360 resolution version, do keep in mind that higher quality videos need a lot of bandwidth and are not yet available for all the videos.

Regular 320x240 Resolution Version:
YouTube Video
Better Quality 448x336 Resolution Version:
YouTube Video

You can also use this handy YouTube GreaseMonkey script to take care of appending URl's automatically.


That's not even the same picture.... take a look at the yellow shirt!

Nice find. Here's an example:


Higher Res:

If you're having a hard time comparing the two, observe the blurriness around the text in the normal version and then compare this with the the higher resolution version.

Almost imperceptible illusion

but works!!

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