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[Exclusive] Wazzmedia 6 Months Premium Access For Free : Unblock regional video and audio restrictions with ease

As we all know, there are lots of websites on internet that are geographically restricted, for example there is Netflix with lots of movies and TV shows that is available only in few countries. Wazzmedia creators live in country where Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and any other website similar to those three are restricted. And a lot of us know that feeling when you try vpn tunnels or proxy server, that simply isn't fast enough to stream this media content without buffering or high quality experience. So Wazzmedia was born. It is a simple Chrome/Firefox extension that sorts traffic and does it very cleverly so that you can access for example Netflix without any loss in streaming speed whatsoever. It streams media content directly from content provider to your computer. So it is so much faster than any proxy, peer to peer proxy or vpn tunnel.

Using extension is very easy, you just install, turn it on by clicking on it to turn the extension icon colored. And that's it, you can now go to any before restricted website and it will just work. Simple as that.

Wazzmedia is $2.79 per month or $27.90 per year and first 5 days are completely free. But we are giving you (Megaleecher reader) 6 months for free, thats (180 days for free).

Wazzmedia unlcoker

You can check out what media services Wazzmedia support by navigating to . And if you have any suggestions for unblocking another service not listed there, you can send a message them and soon after that Wazzmedia will unblock that service too.

Just signup with this link: and you'll have 180 days free added to your account.
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impossible to download! internal server error

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Try now, we were upgrading one of our servers at the time, for a brief moments webpage was offline.
If you still have this problem, try contacting us on our facebook page.

error register with your link

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You can try signing up again, our servers were being upgraded at the time.

It only gave 5 days trial!

This was a limited period exclusive offer for our regular readers, if you do not wish to miss similar offers in future do subscribe to our newsletter for timely information.

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