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Simplest hack To bypass logon passwords on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS X

While we covered bootable logon password bypassing utility KON-BOOT as a security nightmare, there could be genuine uses of the utility in cases where such circumvention is needed for legal uses like forgotten password, corporate usage (login to company computer after an employee leaves or is not available), parental administration or law agencies.

KON-BOOT is now updated to version 2.1, with added support for Windows 8 (non EFI support) logon password bypass with an optional sticky keys feature which allows user to spawn an admin privileged console before logging into the computer. The utility now also have an Mac OS X flavor which allows login into MAC computers with a new “root” account having username and password as "kon-boot".


Demonstration videos of both Windows and Mac OS X admin logging using KON-BOOT with root privileges after the jump.

Sadly, KON-BOOT is no longer a free utility and users are now required to buy licenses to download this utility. More information withe buy links at -


Kon-boot version 1.1 is free if you can find it. It does support window2000 to window 7. I use Kon-boot and yes its a very quick and easy bootable software that allows you to enter into someone account without a need for a key. Thier is other like it but alittle more complicated. None the less they are also free and work on all version of windows.

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