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Free Google Book Downloader

Google BooksGoogle Book Search - the free online book catalog with the aim to make world's information more accessible and useful has been criticized by writer and publisher community for inclusion of copyrighted works as an copyright infringement, However, Google denies the allegation citing that they only show a small portion of the book at a time, making it useless for freebie seekers intending to download the book.

Google Books does all what it can to prevent users from downloading and saving pages, but with free online service's like "Google Book Downloader" the whole process of saving pages from Google books is just a matter of few clicks.

Google Book Downloader

Do keep in mind that you can't download the full book using the service, as Google Books shows only a portion of it, but this can come handy if you want to download and save specific pages for research and reference purpose.

Visit Here >>

There exist another free open-source application hosted at CodePlex claiming to download and save Google books as PDF file to your local filesystem, However, while testing, the application always threw errors and nothing was downloaded.


its always better to have the book printed

I'm not sure if there's something illegal in this site-after all it gives you the pages that are available anyway. But it's definitely nice, because it saves some precious moments while looking for stuff in a book.

Both of them don't work properly.

it is good.


I think some lawyers at google were very pissed and took down.

I tried the other program and it worked, but suddenly the download stopped and google blocked me. I can't even use google search anymore. when i go to i get this link

Well that sucked...


its really nice

It seems nice but error occurred once installing "unknown exception"


Thanks for the links man !!

Thanks for the links man !!

@_@ Great work man!!


you have interesting site. good post and i think it's very useful.


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