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Rapidshare Terminating Accounts of Illegal Downloaders

Rapidshare LogoIn an interesting move which could severely hurt Rapidshare and benefit rival services like Hotfile and Megaupload the leading file-hoster is now pro-actively terminating accounts of illegal downloaders and uploaders engaging in copyright infringement activity. It is no secret that the only reason for Rapidshare's success is the vast amount of illegally distributed copyrighted software's, music and movies hosted on their servers and this move is definitely going to have it's consequences.

This extreme step could be due to two reasons first being the legal problems faced by the company and second that they are soon going to have their own legal movie sharing service - Rapid Movies, whatever the reason maybe this is surely going to have an major impact on website's user-base.

Via : TorrentFreak


Rapidshare traffic ranks are going down pretty fast.Check out on alexa.

I seems to seem that Rapidshare has made enough money,and now just wants peace of mind from getting rid of the illegal issues.

For sure the site is going down.

And hey let's not just blame Rapidshare for it's closing,let's thank it for it really served a lot in the previous years as much as it could have done.

Thanks and bye Rappie

I don't think it's true. Rapidshare is always full of tricks. They are full of tricks, and often do stuff to test users' reaction. First being the .de to .com transition. Come on, they are the same company!

what other kinds of downloads are there? .... that would be hosted on RS?


don't bite the pirate that feeds you, rapidshare

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