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Comodo Dragon Internet Browser - A More Secure Chromium Sibling

Comodo DragonGoogle Chrome is doing great slowly gaining web-browser market share, now you can enjoy the same web-browsing experience using a more security hardened version of Chromium code-base developed by well-known security software vendor 'Comodo', the all new Comodo Dragon Internet Browser features greater stability, less memory bloat, improved privacy, easy SSL certificate identification, faster website access, more private Incognito mode which also stops cookies, and easy migration from your existing browser.

Secure Comodo Dragon Web Browser

Since Comodo Dragon is based on same Chromium code-base which powers Google Chrome plus some more performance and security tweaks the browser looks pretty fast in initial usage, the new look and feel also makes it a good alternative to Google Chrome.

Dragon Browser

We would definitely recommend everybody to give Comodo Dragon a honest try, this looks pretty promising.


Thanks for sharing, I am using it right now this browser is pretty good - I would say better than Google Chrome.

- Shikha

I've been a user of "Opera" for several years, but I'd like to give "Dragon" a try.

When on the site, when I click on the "Download" button they provide, nothing seems to happen. That is, I see a lot of behind-the-scenes-activity going on, but no actual download of the program.

I'll keep trying, though, 'cause I REALLY want to give "Dragon" a workout. I've been using Comodo's firewall with great success for the past two or three years and I find it to be very effective. I expect their browser will be just as good.


Sick web browser it rocks!! Better than Google Chrome!!!

Does it support add-ons? o.o

How do you import settings from Google Chrome? I can only see an option for IE, which I never use.

I'm missing the ability to add on the extensions I've recently come to value in Chrome.
So I'm finding it a bit 'bare' for now.
I'll admit I sometimes added too many to Firefox, but I learnt from that - and I do want to use SOME!


I comodo is easy to use and it's look was good

I gave it a try out but have gone back to Chrome until I hear that Comodo can incorporate the Extensions I like to use.
Hope they manage this - then I'll give it another go.


I have tried to down Load several packages offered, but they never download, The same for the Comodo Browser. Last it was the system Utilities. I ckicked every link. But No download, So I get some Information some Quoates and go to an alternet site to downoad them. Life istoo short to ckick all the Linkd that do nor work.+

ADMIN Comment : The link is there everybody else is downloading, anyways download here - (You can check again the link is in the last line of the post)

Just to make sure you read the EULA before using it.

Just my 2 cent.

Thanks for the info...

This internet browser is the best internet browser i have used plays videos great loads up web pages quickly you will need to download adobe flash player and go to to download java plug-ins you can watch a movie trailer looks great!

How to disable autoupdate?

its a great browser light and very fast than chrome. chrome crashes frequently but this is gud...........

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