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Super Cool Skinned OSD Volume Controller For Windows

Volume Mixer IconIf you love eye-candy 3RVX will definitely get your attention, this free utility for Windows lets you enjoy an cool looking skinnable volume display and controller with lots of customization features on your computer.

Volume OSD

3RVX shows your sound volume level via an customizable on-screen display (OSD) also allowing users to define custom hotkeys to control the volume, there are quite a few skins available for use with the utility as displayed below.

Few 3RVX Skins
3RVX Skin
3RVX Skin
3RVX Skin
3RVX Skin
3RVX Skin
3RVX Skin
3RVX Skin
3RVX Skin
3RVX Skin

Download 3RVX >>


The download link takes you to a page where there is no download..a no man's land. Is it just an April fool day joke?

You must be having javascript disabled, the link is there -

I think app. like these can slow down my PC, when my PC starts. Like vista or windows 7 theme application's always slow down my PC. I known this application is not too big, but i don't going to install it. Ya BUT IT"S LOOKING REALLY COOL. NO DOUGHT'S. & Thanks Mageleecher team for these stuff's.

thanks for all the awsome work you do for us..just letting you know this link is dead...thanks again if you do have another slap a link my way thanks...later.

yup baby...i got it

Try this program - Volume2
Home page:


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